Strategic Investor Meetings in Seoul

Author: Pallavi Bishnoi

Invest India in Korea


To augment ongoing efforts to further strengthen the Indo – Korean partnership, actively promote investment opportunities in India and supplement our facilitation engagements, Invest India executed Strategic Investor Meetings in the Republic of Korea from 24 June to 28 June 2019. The team travelled to Seoul, where we conducted four seminars and roundtables attended by over 200 investors and conducted 42 focused meetings with targeted investors across 16 sectors. During this visit, we were supported by 15 institutions including banks, law firms, industry associations and other stakeholders who provided critical support in amplifying outreach.

From discussing the India investment strategy with the Global Investment Head of a 400 billion dollar Korean fund to showcasing infrastructure investible projects to Korean financial institutional investors, from addressing concerns of Korean MSMEs to presenting customized sectoral investment pitches to targeted greenfield Korean suppliers – Invest India truly captured the immense untapped potential of our bilateral investment relations. 

Following the outreach, we shared a short feedback survey – over 90% of the respondents have rated the roundtables at either a 4 or 5 on a five-point scale and have expressed appreciation for the content presented. The formulation of a targeted social media plan was critical in generating interest and garnering participation in the seminars, roundtables and focused meetings.

Going forward, Invest India will continue to work closely with all the companies and stakeholders we interacted with to ensure effective and smooth grounding of the expressed India investment plans.