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Steps to Start Manufacturing

Step One

Fill Online Application

Fill online application as per Annexure A along with the following details:

  • Nature of manufacturing
  • Particulars of imported inputs 
  • Anticipated trade volume, etc.

List of documents required:

  • Certificate of Incorporation (For companies)
  • MoO and AoA (For partnership firm)
  • Partnership Deed (For partnership firm)
  • Copy of ID proofs of proprietors/ partners/ directors
  • Copy of Aadhar Card of Authorised Signatory
  • Documents supporting property-holding rights, such as rent agreement
  • Copy of warehouse license, if issued earlier
  • Ground plan of the site with details
  • Fire safety audit certificate
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Step two

Execute a Bond

  • Execute a bond as per Annexure C and submit a physical copy to your Jurisdictional Commissioner of Customs.
  • Maintain detailed accounts as per Annexure B

Note: Before execution of a Bond, a Customs Officer visits the facility to evaluate the compliances in order to issue the license.

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Step Three

Grant of Sanction

  • Commissioner of Customs grants the permission for manufacturing or other operations in the bonded facility
  • Permission also includes:
    • Manufacturing process or other operations permitted
    • Conditions regarding manufacturing
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Step Four

Start Manufacturing or Other Operations