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India is strategically located on the world’s shipping routes with a coastline of approximately 7,517 km. Maritime transport handles around 70% of India’s trading in value terms. As of 2021, India owns over 30% global market share in the ship breaking industry and is home to the largest ship-breaking facility in the world at Alang. To promote India's shipping and port industry, the government has also introduced various fiscal and non-fiscal incentives for enterprises that develop, maintain and operate ports, inland waterways and shipbuilding in India.

The Maritime India Vision 2030 has identified over 150 initiatives to boost the Indian maritime sector. The Vision 2030 was launched by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India in March 2021. It is drafted after significant consultation with over 350 public and private stakeholders comprising of ports, shipyards, inland waterways, trade bodies and associations, and legal experts. The vision serves as a blueprint to achieve an accelerated and coordinated development of India’s diverse maritime sector, comprehensively identifying over 150 initiatives covering all facets of the country’s maritime sector.

In 2017, the government launched the ambitious Sagar Mala Program with the vision of port-led development and growth of logistics-intensive industries. Under the program, $123 Bn would be invested across 415 projects across the following identified components:

  •  Port Modernization and New Port Development
  •  Port Connectivity Enhancement
  •  Port-Linked Industrialization
  •  Coastal Community Development

Both Sagar Mala and Maritime India Vision focus on unlocking additional potential such as annual revenue of $ 2.7 Bn from extant assets and generating employment, targeting 2 million direct and indirect jobs by 2030.

100% FDI allowed under both government and automatic route.

For further details, please refer FDI Policy

  • MT

    Cargo Traffic at Major Ports (FY 2021-22)

  • %

    Growth rate in the cargo handled by Major Ports

  • Fleet of ships sailing under Indian Flag (as of 2023)

  • MTPA

    Total Cargo Capacity of all Indian Ports (FY 2020-21)

India is the 16th largest maritime country in the world

Indian Maritime Sector contributes to 95% of India’s trade by volume and 70% by value  

India is the 3rd largest globally in terms of ship recycling by tonnage

Industry Scenario

Cargo Traffic on the rise

India has 12 major and 200 non-major/intermediate ports (under state government administration). Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust is the largest major port in India, while Mudra is the largest private port. Jawaharlal Nehru Port becomes first 100% Landlord Major Port. Moreover, India is one of the world's top 5 ship recycling countries and holds 30% share in the global ship recycling market. Approximately 95% of the country’s trade by volume and 68% by value is moved through Maritime Transport.

Under public-private partnerships (PPP), there are 58 projects worth ~

nbsp;5 Bn (INR 40,000 Cr.) under various stages of implementation. Of these, 33 projects of ~ $3.4 Bn (Rs. 27,000 Cr.) are operational whereas 25 projects for over $1.6 Bn (INR13,000 Cr.) are under implementation. 19 such projects with total investment of ~$1.1 Bn (INR 8,862 Cr.) have been completed in 2021 alone.


  • National waterways

    Development of existing & 106 notified waterways

  • Sagarmala initiative

    567 projects identified under Sagarmala Programme for Holistic Development of Coastal Districts with an estimated cost of INR 59,000 Cr

  • Container Manufacturing

    Bhavnagar in Gujarat is being developed as a container manufacturing hub

  • Cruise shipping

    Cruise shipping potential expected to grow

  • Specialist terminal based ports

    Cargo like LNG with specific equipment & high capital costs

  • Rising trade

    Increased trade & private participation in port infra development

  • Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan - Self Reliant India

    Special economic and comprehensive package of INR 20 lakh Cr towards promoting manufacturing in India.


Industrial Land Bank Portal

GIS - based map displaying available infrastructure for setting up business operations in the state.

Investible Projects

Investment Opportunities in Ports & Shipping

    Major Investors

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    Asked Questions

    What is the length of concession period for port projects?

    Generally, length of concession period is 30 years.
    For further details, please refer the link.

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    How is the allotment of land for shipbuilding projects done in India?

    Shipbuilding projects are generally established close to sea front. Land is allotted by the concerned State Government as per the prevailing land allotment policy. Shipbuilding projects may also be set-up within Major ports’ estates or existing shipyards.

    For more information, click here.

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    Is there any agency for classification and certification of ships in India?

    Yes. Indian Register of Shipping is the recognized agency for classification and certification of ships.

    Please visit the following link.


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    Which is the nodal agency for regulation of lighthouse tourism?

    Directorate General of Lighthouses and Lightships (DGLL) is the nodal agency for regulation of lighthouse tourism.
    For further details, please refer the link.

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    Which new ports are being developed by the Central government?

    Central Government has plans to build six greenfield major ports as follows:
    a) Vadhawan, Maharashtra.
    b) Sagar, West Bengal.
    c) Enayam, Tamil Nadu.
    d) Bellekeri, Karnataka.
    e) Sirkazhi, Tamil Nadu.
    f) Paradip Satellite Port, Odisha.
    For further details, please refer the link.

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