Maharashtra has the Highest Nominal GDP at 14% in All-India Average Share and Highest FDI at 29%

The State capital Mumbai is the financial capital of India and houses leading corporate headquarters and firms. It also has Asia’s oldest Stock Exchange, the Bombay Stock Exchange. The State houses various world heritage sites such as Ajanta, Ellora & Elephanta caves, 19th century Victorian Neo-Gothic public buildings & 20th century Art Deco buildings and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus.

Maharashtra lies on the western coast of India. It is the third largest state in India, occupying approximately 9.4% of the country's total geographical area. The state is well connected to all the major markets with 3 international and 7 domestic airports, has the largest network of National Highways with 17,757 km, and over 6400 km of rail route length. The State’s coastline of 720 km and presence of 50 ports, 2 major and 48 non-major ports facilitate over 20% of the total cargo transport in India. For administrative convenience, the State has been divided into 36 districts and six revenue divisions. 

Two major ports viz. Mumbai Port and Jawaharlal Nehru Port are located in the State. During 2022-23, Mumbai Port and Jawaharlal Nehru Port handled 636.08 Lakh MT and 838.67 Lakh MT cargo traffic respectively. JNPT is connected to 33 Container Freight Stations (CFS) and 47 Inland Container Depots (ICD). Under the Sagarmala programme, GoI has sanctioned 34 projects in the State to develop infrastructure facilities at ports with estimated cost of INR 1,102.06 Cr. Installed capacity (in MW) of power utilities in the state as on 29th Feb 2024 was  47062.84 MW of which share of private sector was 25478.57 MW, public sector was 21,584.27 MW. Therefore, the business community is welcome to explore many business opportunities in Maharashtra. 

The share of investments from Renewable Energy, Information Technology and Steel Manufacturing sectors is about 70% in total proposed investment. The PM Mitra Park in Amravati is the only Brownfield PM MITRA Park in India, with ready to operate infrastructure and functioning CETP. There are 12 Textile Parks in the State at Hinghanghat, Basmat, Latur, Shirpur, Dhule & Degaon, Bhivandi, Baramati, Islampur and Ichalkaranji. 

As per Industrial Policy, 2019, an Export Promotion Council has been set-up to facilitate export promotion and under the ‘One District One Product’ scheme, District Export Promotion Councils has been set up to make every district an emerging export hub.  

Under Maharashtra Electric Vehicle Promotion Policy, 2018 proposed investment of INR 8,420 Cr and 9,500 expected employment are in process. Up to September 2022 approval has been given to 738 mega projects in the State with proposed investment of INR 6.12 Lakh Cr and expected employment of 6.72 lakh persons. Maharashtra Tourism Policy, 2016 aims to make the State a leading tourist destination by 2025 and attract investments to the tune of INR 30,000 Cr along with creation of 1 Mn additional jobs in this industry.

Maharashtra has one of the largest base of internet subscribers in India at 71.47 (March 2023) and Cell phone connections stood at 12.56 Cr (September 2022). It is one of the leading states with 991 Engineering and Management Colleges and 1028 ITI’s. Maharashtra has the highest employable talent in India at 68%. 

Aurangabad Industrial City (AURIC), a well planned and greenfield smart industrial city based on the concept of ‘walk to work’, is being developed across an area of 4,000 Ha in the State as a part of Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC). Up to November, 2022 in all 191 plots of total area of about 303 ha have been allotted in AURIC to the investors. Total investment in AURIC is more than INR 6,000 Cr and employment generated is about 10,500.


World's largest film industry in terms of viewership - Bollywood is based out of Mumbai

Crude Oil

Largest producer of crude oil (offshore) in India at Bombay High


Largest Producer of Gram, Arhar and Soyabean; 2nd largest producer of total pulses, cotton, sugarcane and third largest producer of nutri/coarse cereals in India.



Maharashtra offers a wide range of attractions such as caves, creeks, beaches, mountains, monuments, and forts to engage tourists

The government aims to make Maharashtra a leading tourist destination by 2025 and attract investments to the tune of INR 30,000 Cr along with creation of one million additional jobs in the industry.


Textile and Garments

Maharashtra is a leading producer of cotton, silk and bamboo among other fibres. Textile sector is the 2nd highest employment generator in the state after agriculture

The state has 14 private and 10 government textile parks being set up with plug and play facilities. Recently launched Textile Policy of the state offer various incentives in the form of upgradation subsidy, interest subsidy and tax exemptions to attract over $5.6 Bn worth of investments and create 1 Mn new jobs by the end of 2023.

Maharashtra’s textiles and garments sector contributes to 12% share to India’s output and 16% share to India’s exports.


Food Processing

Maharashtra is a leading producer of pulses, sugarcane, banana and cashew nut in India

The state is the largest producer of grapes in India and gives impetus to grape processing and wine industry by way of a dedicated industrial policy and three wine parks. It has the presence of eight food parks and three floriculture parks developed with world-class facilities. Maharashtra’s food processing sector contributes to 19% share to India’s output and 15% share to India’s exports.


Automobile and Auto-Components

Maharashtra’s automobile and auto-components sector contributes to 20% share to India’s output and 25% share to India’s exports

The major automobile centres in the state include Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad and Nagpur.


Electronic System Design and Manufacturing

Maharashtra’s ESDM sector contributes to 20% share to India’s output and 18% share to India’s exports

The state has three electronic manufacturing clusters (EMC) coming up in Pune, Aurangabad and Navi Mumbai with facilities for R&D and testing. Talegaon and Khed in Pune district are well-established ESDM hubs in the state and have a locational advantage of excellent connectivity to two of India's largest ports – Mumbai Port and JNPT.


Information Technology

Maharashtra accounts for more than 20% of India's software exports

Pune is among top three cities in India in software exports, while Aurangabad, Nashik and Kolhapur are the emerging cities. The state offers incentives under the State's Industrial Policy for various infrastructure investments such as knowledge parks, exemption on filing patents etc.


Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

Maharashtra has one of the highest numbers of pharmaceutical manufacturing units in the country and accounts for more than 14% of country’s Pharma Industry. It also contributes 20% in total exports of India

The state offers well-developed infrastructure in the form of effluent and hazardous waste treatment plants in more than 20 locations. It also has well-developed pharma hubs in cities such as Pune, Nashik, Aurangabad and Mumbai. 


Urbanisation Rate

Females/ 1000 Males

Female/Male Ratio

Male/Female Ratio


About 68% of Maharashtra's population is employable, making it the State with the highest employable talent in India. About 66% of Maharashtra's population is in the working age group of 15-59 years

Maharashtra, the second most populated state in India, is home to about 9% of the country's total population. The state's total population of ~112 Mn and is equivalent to the population of Mexico on 1/6th of their land area.

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