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India’s Capital Goods manufacturing industry serves as a strong base for its engagement across sectors such as Engineering, Construction, Infrastructure and Consumer goods, amongst others. The industry contributed approximately $ 10.4 bn to exports in 2016-17. 

Capital Goods industry in India provides approximately 1.4 mn direct and 7 mn indirect jobs.

Market-oriented reforms such as "Power for All" along with plans to add 93 GW by 2022 will generate huge demand for power transmission and distribution (T&D) equipment.

  •  By 2022, the Electrical equipment industry, comprising generation and T&D equipment, is targeted to reach a size of $ 100 bn
  •  By 2022, the T&D equipment segment is targeted to reach a size of $ 75 bn

100% FDI is allowed under the automatic route

For further details, please refer FDI Policy

  • 12 %

    Share in manufacturing

  • 5 mn

    Direct employment

  • 40 %

    T&D equipment demand

  • $5.5 bn

    Electrical machinery exports


Direct and indirect employment expected to reach 5 mn and 25 mn, respectively by 2025


Indian generation and T&D equipment market to reach $ 100 bn by 2022


Indian Electrical equipment is the largest sub-sector followed by Plant equipment & Earth moving/ mining machinery

Industry Scenario

The Capital Goods in India has a market size of $ 43.2 bn.

The industry is divided into 10 sub-sectors where Electrical equipment is the largest sub-sector followed by Plant equipment, and Earthmoving/ Mining machinery. The market size of each of the sub-sectors are as follows:

  • Heavy electrical equipment: $ 24.2 bn
  • Process plant equipment: $ 3.7 bn
  • Earth-moving and mining machinery: $ 3.3 bn
  • Printing machinery: $ 3.01 bn
  • Food processing machinery: $ 2.4 bn
  • Dies, moulds and press tools: $ 2.3 bn
  • Textile machinery: $ 1.8 bn
  • Machine tools: $ 1.4 bn
  • Plastic machinery: $ 0.5 bn
  • Metallurgical machinery: $ 0.4 bn

Growth Drivers

  • Ageing equipment requires auto replacement

    Opportunity for Transmission & Distribution (T&D) sector
  • Huge market potential

    Target industry size of $ 100 bn by 2022
  • The potential for closing import-export gap

    The Capital Goods imports to India is approximately 3X the exports
  • Massive power capacity addition in future

    Infrastructure, Power, Mining, Oil & Gas, Steel & Automotive
  • Nuclear capacity expansion

    Significant business opportunity
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Investible Projects

Investment Opportunities in Capital Goods

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  • Opportunity

    $59.33 mn

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  • Govt. Projects



$29.01 mn

Power Equipment Manufacturing

State (s) Assam

$14.51 mn

Power Equipment Manufacturing Plant

State (s) Assam

$14.51 mn

Power Equipment Manufacturing

State (s) Assam

$0.87 mn

Equipment Project [Kochi]

State (s) Kerala

Major Investors

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Asked Questions

  • Who can apply for DHI Capital Goods Scheme?

    Generally, a group of industry beneficiaries can make a proposal. Technology developers or infrastructure SPVs could also make a proposal which includes Central/State PSUs.

  • What is DHI Capital Goods Scheme?

    The DHI Capital Goods Scheme is a pilot scheme designed to support the industry to modernize technologies from current status to global level and beyond. For this two windows are provided. For those technologies, which are commercially not available for transfer, indigenous development at IITs and like institutions by a consortium of technology seekers grants support given upto 80% of the cost of development subject to maximum of $ 15.38 million per case within a budget of $ 38.46 million. Those technologies, which are commercially available and can be acquired by a company or a group of companies the scheme provides grant support upto 25% of the technology acquisition costs or $ 1.53 million whichever is less, within an overall budget of $ 7.69 million.
    The scheme also supports establishment of Common Engineering Facilities by a group of user industries. Upto 80% of the project cost could be given as grants. The Scheme also supports setting up one each of Test Centre for Earthmoving & Construction Equipments and Industrial Park. ( 100% upto $ 15.38 million  and upto 80% subject to maximum of $ 19.23 million).

  • What is the meaning of ’Unavailed Cenvat Credit of Capital goods’ for the purpose of GST Act and Rules?

    The expression 'unavailed CENVAT credit' means the amount that remains after subtracting the amount of CENVAT credit already availed in respect of capital goods by the taxable person under the existing law from the aggregate amount of CENVAT credit to which the said person was entitled in respect of the said capital goods under the existing law. For example, as per the existing provision of Cenvat Credit Rule, Cenvat credit on capital goods can be availed @ 50% on the year of purchase and 50% can be availed at any other subsequent year from the year of purchase. There is possibility that the unavailed cenvat credit be there on the appointment day.

  • What is Capital Goods in GST?

    As per section 2(19) of CGST Act, Capital Goods means goods, the value of which is capitalized in the books of account of the person claiming the input tax credit and which are used or intended to be used in the course or furtherance of business. 

  • What is Indian Electrical Equipment Industry Mission Plan 2012-2022?

    The plan aims at assured availability of quality power at competitive rate which is a sine qua non for industrial and economic development.
    For an efficient and developed power sector in a country of India’s size, a strong domestic electrical equipment manufacturing base is essential.

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