The Scheme for Enhancement of Competitiveness of the Capital Goods Sector has been launched by Ministry of Heavy Industries to address the technological obsolescence, limited access to quality industrial infrastructure and common facilities. These are pre-requisites for “Make in India”.

Objectives of the Scheme:

The objective of Phase II of the - Scheme for Enhancement of Competitiveness of the Capital Goods Sector is to expand and enlarge the impact created by Phase I pilot scheme, thereby providing greater impetus through creation of a strong and globally competitive capital goods sector that contributes at least 25% to the manufacturing sector.

Components of the Scheme:

  1. Identification of Technologies through Technology Innovation Portals
  2. Setting up of four New Advanced Centres of Excellence and augmentation of Existing Centres of Excellence
  3. Promotion of skilling in Capital Goods Sector–creation of Qualification packages for skill levels 6 and above
  4. Setting up of four Common Engineering Facility Centres (CEFCs) and augmentation of existing CEFCs
  5. Augmentation of Existing Testing and Certification Centres
  6. Setting up of ten Industry Accelerators for Technology Development

Note: The above given details of the Scheme are only the highlights. The applicant is requested to see the detailed guidelines of the scheme given on the link below before applying.

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