Largest producer of bamboo in North-Eastern India 

Tripura is primarily an agrarian State, with about 42% of the population depending on agriculture & allied activities. The state is the largest producer of True Potato Seed (TPS). The State has become surplus producer of certified HYV paddy, mustard seed.

Rubber and tea-based industries form the prime share of the industrial base in the state, while cement and steel-based industries have recently witnessed developments. The state has established rubber, food and bamboo parks to support existing and potential investors. Moreover, Tripura also has five industrial estates, a dedicated industrial area, two growth centres and an export promotion industrial park.

Tripura shares 84% of its border with the neighboring country of Bangladesh (length of 856 kilometres). Tripura is a power surplus state and hence the power tariffs are much lower compared to other states. The Agartala airport is the second busiest airport in North East.  India’s 3rd international internet gateway (after Mumbai and Chennai) is operational in Agartala.


5th largest tea producing state in India


3rd highest literacy rate amongst all Indian states


Natural gas is available in non-toxic form (with ~94% methane)


Tripura is the 2nd largest natural rubber producer in the country, after Kerala.

It is estimated that about 0.1 million hectares can be brought under the rubber plantations in the State. The productivity of rubber in the State is 1200 kg/ha/year. The production of rubber in 2017-18 was 65,330 MT and the area under rubber plantation was 84,480 hectares. In order to further accelerate the process of setting up of rubber-based industries in the State, a Rubber Park has been established at Bodhjungnagar over an area of about 60 acres of land


Tripura is home to 21 species of bamboo out of 130 species available in India.

The state has an area of around 7,195 ha for plantation of bamboo. A modern bamboo tiles factory has been set up at Bodhjungnagar to boost the productive utilization of the huge resource.


Tripura is endowed with a range of archaeological monuments, rich cultural heritage and forests.

The state offers tourists attractions such as historical Hindu and Buddhist sites, temples, rivers and rock carvings. In addition, local people of the state offer to pay guest accommodation to the visiting tourists, which enable them to closely understand the life and culture of the Lushai tribes.

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Information Technology

Tripura is considered the second-best IT destination in the North East after Guwahati.

The state has availability of low cost educated human resource, there are many private institutions running IT/Computer courses. A Software Technology Park (STP) is set up at Agartala in order to provide necessary infrastructure facilities for setting up of IT industries in the State. The state also has a dedicated IT Incentive Scheme (valid till March 2022) Visit Sector

Food Processing

The agro-climatic conditions are favourable for growing various fruit and horticultural crops.

Major fruit crops grown in the state are pineapple, jackfruit, orange, litchi, cashew, coconut and mango. Major spices grown in the state are ginger, turmeric and chilli. A Food Park has been set up at Bodhjungnagar (near Agartala) to provide the infrastructural facilities required for food processing industries. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries has approved setting up of a Mega Food Park, spread across 50 acres at Tulakona (near Agartala) Visit Sector


Tripura is categorized as a traditional tea-growing State with about 54 tea estates (covering an area of 6,712 hectares), 21 tea processing factories, and more than 2500 small tea growers, producing about 8.66 million kg. of tea every year.

This makes Tripura the 5th largest, among the 16 tea producing States in India. The production of bio-tea, which does not have any chemical residue, has been taken up as special venture. Visit Sector

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About 64% of Tripura's population is in the working age group of 15-59 years.

The state's population of 3.7 mn is equivalent to the population of Puerto Rico. Tripura is the 2nd most populous state in the North Eastern Region. The state has a literacy rate of 96.82%.

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