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Tripura: Largest bamboo producing state in northeastern India 

Tripura shares its international border with Bangladesh on three sides, running 856 km. A power surplus state, Tripura also supplies power to Bangladesh. Tripura Power Project is one of the biggest clean development mechanisms in the world. The infrastructure of the state provides smooth connectivity with rest of the country through a domestic airport in Agartala, road and rail network.

Tripura is primarily known for its agri-products like bamboo, coffee, pineapple, cashew nut and tea. The state is also the largest producer of jackfruit and second-largest producer of rubber in India. Rubber and tea-based industries form the prime share of the industrial base in the state, with recent developments in cement and steel-based industries. The state has established rubber and food parks to support existing and potential investors. In addition to this, Tripura also has five industrial estates, a growth centre and an export promotion industrial park. 


Key upcoming projects:

  •  Technology centres to be set up in Tripura for small and medium enterprises
  •  Industrial Rubber Park in Bodhungnagar, spread across 24 ha
  •  Smart Cities Mission, for which Agartala is the city identified in Tripura


  • Fifth largest tea producing state in India
  • Vast resource of natural gas with high methane content (97%)
  • Third highest literacy rate among all Indian states

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  • GSDP (Current price)

    USD 5.3 bn (2015-16)

  • GSDP growth rate (YoY)

    18% (2014-15)

  • Per capita income

    USD 1,129 (2014-15)

  • Literacy rate



About 64% of Tripura's total population lies in the working age group of 15-59 years.

The total population of Tripura is 3.7 mn, equivalent to the current population of Puerto Rico.

Tripura is the second most populated state amongst northeastern states in India. 

  • 26%

    Urbanisation rate

  • 960

    females/ 1000 males

Skilled manpower
  • Central universities


  • State universities


  • Private universities


  • General degree colleges


  • Professional degree colleges


  • Polytechnic institutes


  • Industrial training institutes


Key Sectors

Tripura is endowed with rich and diverse bamboo resources. It is home to 21 species of bamboo. The state has an area of around 7,195 ha for plantation of bamboo. A modern bamboo tiles factory has been set up at Bodhjungnagar to boost the productive utilization of the huge resource.

The state offers tourists attractions such as historical Hindu and Buddhist sites, temples, rivers and rock carvings. The number of foreign tourists visiting the state grew at a CAGR of 50% during 2010-15. 

With high literacy rate and presence of IT institutes, the state offers enormous potential in IT sector. Further, an incubation centre is also being set up for encouraging the IT entrepreneurship in the state.

Tripura is the second largest natural rubber producer in the country, after Kerala. As of March 2015, total area under plantations was 61,231 ha. With a total plantation potential for 100,000 ha, there is a significant potential for setting up rubber-based industries in the state.

Major Investors