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Largest agricultural area under irrigation in India

Punjab has an excellent network of irrigation facilities with 98% of net area sown covered under irrigation.

Punjab a state in North India is home to several major industries, including Agro and food processing, tractors and auto components, bicycle and bicycle parts, sports goods, light engineering goods, metal and alloys, chemical products, textiles, IT and Pharmaceuticals. 

It has 1.5% of India’s land area and about 81.7% of the total reported area is devoted to cultivation. It ranks at 12th position in attracting FDI inflows amounting $1.14 Bn (Oct 2019 to Mar 2024).  

Punjab is called the "Granary of India. The state has a total cultivable area of 4.2 Mn Hectares, which represents 3% of India's net area sown. Punjab is India's third largest wheat and rice producer, providing 12.89% rice and 14.82% wheat to the central pool in 2022-23 and has the highest per capita milk availability.  

It is connected to both the Eastern & Western Dedicated Freight Corridors. In addition, there are 8 ICDs, 6 Private Freight Terminals & 3 Container Freight Stations in Punjab along with a land and rail port in Amritsar and 3 multi-modal logistics parks in Ludhiana. It is home to 2 international airports (Mohali and Amritsar) and 4 domestic airports (Bathinda, Ludhiana, Pathankot, and Jalandhar). In terms of rail density, Punjab fares well with 55 running tracks km per 1000 sq. km. 



3rd largest producer of wheat and rice in India

Machine Tools

Largest producer of machine, hand tools and bicycle components in India 

Horticulture crops

Leading producer of horticulture crops – mandarin, carrots, muskmelon, honey

Food processing in Punjab

Food Processing

Punjab is the food bowl of the country. The State is ranked 3rd in total Wheat production (14.8%) and 3rd in total Rice production (12.8%). Agriculture contributes to the economy with about 26.68 % to GSVA

Punjab is the largest producer of Wheat, 2nd largest producer of Mandarin and Carrot, 3rd largest producer of honey and fruits and vegetables in the country. Punjab has a robust infrastructure in place for Agro & food processing in India. The state is best in the country for area under irrigation, with 98% of net irrigated area.

Capital Goods

Light Engineering

Punjab has a rich industrial base of MSME units belonging to bicycle parts, auto components, hosiery, sports goods and agricultural implements

The state accounts for 92% of India’s production of bicycle parts and 75% of bicycle production of India. Light Engineering is an important sector for the state with Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Patiala, Sangrur, Moga, Hoshiarpur and Mohali districts being host to thousands of light engineering companies. Punjab is also developing a new Industrial Estate at Nabha for light engineering and a Light Engineering Park along the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor and the Amritsar Kolkata Industrial Corridor.


Textile and Garments

Punjab is the leading hub for textile-based industries such as apparel manufacturing, spinning and hosiery exports with Ludhiana being the biggest manufacturing cluster in North India

The state accounts for 95% of India’s woollen knitwear production, 85% of India’s sewing machine production and 75% of India’s sports goods production. The state has emerged to be the second largest cotton and blended yarn producer in the country. Punjab is also setting up a Technical Textile Park to explore international partnerships for technology sourcing and joint ventures.

Renewable Power

Renewable Power

Punjab offers a conducive environment to encourage power generation from renewable energy sources

The state is strategically placed to harness solar energy in a big way. It was ranked number one amongst all Indian states for progress in solar energy by World Bank in 2015. It has launched two unique policies to support the sector—New and Renewable Sources of Energy (NRSE) Policy and Net Metering Policy.

Agriculture and Horticulture


Agriculture is one of the significant sectors for the growth of Punjab’s economy

It is providing livelihoods to more than 60% of the state’s population and is known as the ‘Bread Basket of India’ leading to the first Green Revolution in the country. Basmati rice is the most exported commodity and exports reached $535.77 Mn in between Apr 2020 and Jan 2021. Under Mega Food Park scheme of Ministry of Food Processing, 3 Mega Food parks have been approved in Punjab in Fazilka, Kapurthala and Ladhowal. 


Electronic System Design and Manufacturing

Punjab possess a strong ecosystem of electronics manufacturing for cutting edge R&D and industrial purposes

India’s only large-scale semiconductor fabrication laboratories engaged in design and development of microelectronics is present in the state, regularly contributing to space exploration and cutting-edge R&D. Increasing presence of supply chain players of edsm sector continues to strengthen small and medium scale electronic industries and exports as well.

Tourism Hospitality


The state of Punjab is renowned for its cuisine, culture, and history

Punjab is strategically situated en route to most of the popular tourist destinations in India. Golden Temple in Amritsar is one of the most visited religious places in the world.


Urbanisation Rate

Females/ 1000 Males

Female/Male Ratio

Male/Female Ratio


73.5% of Punjab's population is in the working age group of 15-64 years

About 25.54% of workers in Punjab are employed in agriculture sector. The state's population of 28 Mn is equivalent to the population of Australia.

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