New India: The future is Virtual.

Indian industry is consistently strengthening its digital capabilities by adopting deep tech technologies and focusing on deploying emerging technology solutions such as AI, Cybersecurity, and IoT.

In FY 2023, the technology industry is estimated to have 5.4 Mn employees and contribution of 53% in India’s service exports. With 23 new unicorns, India became the 2nd highest country in terms of number of unicorns added in 2022. 1300+ new tech startups emerged in 2022. Over 280,000 employees were reskilled and made digital skilled in FY 2022.

Government of India has taken some major initiatives to promote IT/ ITeS sector in India. Both central and state governments in India have taken steps towards developing technology solutions to digitally enable citizen services. The government plans to focus in areas such as cybersecurity, hyper-scale computing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. With data costs of INR 10/GB ($0.12/GB), India has one of the lowest data costs in the world.

By offering affordable data to consumers, the digital infrastructure enables ease of access to services like banking, governance and more. 

Second highest number of internet subscribers in the world.

Up to 100% FDI is allowed in Data processing, Software development and Computer consultancy services; Software supply services; Business and management consultancy services, Market research services, technical testing and Analysis services, under automatic route.

For further details, please refer FDI Policy

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    Share in India's GDP

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    Share in global sourcing

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    Share of IT & BPM sector in total services in exports of India

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    Firms use India for testing services.

Largest market share in global services sourcing industry

Third largest and the fastest growing hub for technology startups

India is No.1 in digital skills readiness

Industry Scenario

#1 in software services exports

India’s technology industry revenue is estimated to be $245 Bn in FY 2023. Technology are expected to grow at 9.4% in reported currency terms. In terms of FDI equity inflow, the computer software and hardware sectors attracted the highest FDI in FY 2021-22.

Between April 2000 and Mar 2024, it attracted FDI equity inflow of $109.49 Bn. India secured 1st rank in “AI talent concentration”. Also, India secured 5th rank in “FTTH/Building Internet subscriptions” and “AI scientific publications”.

India is one of the most preferred destinations when it comes to setting up Global Capability Centres (GCCs). Total number of GCCs in India are 1580+. The total installed GCC talent is 1.66 Mn+. Over 45 new data centers are expected to come up in India by 2025. Data centers in India have attracted investment of $10 Bn since 2020. There are 286.94 Mn Registered Users on the Digi locker in India.

Indian SaaS companies saw 2x growth in share of global markets. India has as many as 59 number of SaaS unicorns and potential unicorns. Internet connections rose to 918.19 Mn in 2022 from 251 Mn in 2014.

Optical fiber in panchayats have increased from less than 100 in 2014 to 1.7 Lakh panchayats in 2022. As per NASSCOM, the total amount of IT export is estimated to be $200 Bn in FY 2024. 


  • Blockchain

    The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology released the National Strategy on Blockchain to reduce frauds, speed up enforcement of contracts, and increase the transparency of transactions.

  • Remote Working

    Increased focus on remote working and cloud enablement

  • The National Optical Fibre Network (NOFN)

    1.78 Lakh Gram Panchayats connected by optical fibre

  • Digital India Programme

    India is the 2nd Fastest Digitizing Economy Globally

  • Start-up revolution

    IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence and healthcare

  • Artificial Intelligence

    AI & new-age technology to boost India's annual growth rate by 1.3% by 2035 (NITI Aayog white paper)


Industrial Land Bank Portal

GIS - based map displaying available infrastructure for setting up business operations in the state.

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    Asked Questions

    What are the three visions of Digital India?

    The DI initiative has been planned into three vision areas:  

    • Digital infrastructure as a utility to every citizen is the vison which mainly talks about high-speed internet, mobile phone and bank account, access to a common service centre, private space on cloud, secure cyberspace
    • Governance and services on demand focuses on integrated services, availability of services on mobile platform, portable citizen entitlements on cloud, geospatial information systems as decision support systems
    • Digital empowerment of citizens concentrates on digital literacy, digital resources, digital resources and services in Indian languages, collaborative digital platform, no physical submission of documents

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    What is E-district?

    The e-District Mission Mode Project (MMP) is envisaged to strengthen the district administration of the state by providing ICT support to the participating departments and district administration in terms of providing centralized software application for selected category of citizen services and training for staff of the departments with a view to improve delivery of the citizen services being rendered by these departments. Services developed under e-District project would be delivered through various delivery channels like:
    i) Direct access by Citizens through e-District portal as a registered user.
    ii) Existing Atal Jana Snehi Kendra's / B1 / K1 service centres.
    iii) Common Service Centres (To be established uptoGrama Panchayat Level).

    For further details please access following link.  

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    What is NeGP?

    The Government approved the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP), comprising of 27 Mission Mode Projects and 8 components, on 18 May 2006. In the year 2011, 4 projects - Health, Education, PDS and Posts were introduced to make the list of 27 MMPs to 31Mission Mode Projects (MMPs). The Government has accorded approval to the vision, approach, strategy, key components, implementation methodology, and management structure for NeGP. However, the approval of NeGP does not constitute financial approval(s) for all the Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) and components under it. The existing or ongoing projects in the MMP category, being implemented by various Central Ministries, States, and State Departments would be suitably augmented and enhanced to align with the objectives of NeGP.
    For further details please access following link.  

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    What is Digital India Initiative?

    The Digital India Project is a formalized program initiated on 2 July 2015 by the Government of India. The project envisages a total digital transformation of society and a knowledge-based economy.

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    What is Digital Farming?

    ICT has contributed to another agricultural revolution. Many ICT projects for the agricultural sector have been implemented by the government, state and private sectors such as Karshaka Information Systems Services and Networking (KISSAN) Kerala, Village Resource Center (VRC)–Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and e-Krishi. Collectively it is called digital farming.

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