Shares border with 7 states, providing access to 40% of India’s population

Located in Central India, Chhattisgarh shares its border with seven states and has market access to about 520 mn people across these states. The new capital of the state, Naya Raipur, is India's first greenfield smart city.

The state is very well connected through rail, road and air and also has the potential of being India’s logistics hub. It is the highest contributor to railway freight. The state will be home to one of the seven Multimodal logistic parks to be constructed in India. Thriving sectors in the state include agriculture, iron and steel, cement and thermal power. The state accounts for approximately 15% of the total steel produced in India. Industrial infrastructure in the state has been strengthened through creating state-of-the-art facilities in the industrial areas. Presently, there are 52 developed industrial areas in the state. The state also has an installed power capacity of over 14,000 MW.

Known as the ‘Rice Bowl of India’, rice is the major crop of the Chhattisgarh covering 66% of the total cropped area. The state is also a major producer of maize, cereals, pulses and horticulture produce such as turmeric, ginger, guava, tomato, pea and cabbage. With 44% of its geographical area under forest cover, Chhattisgarh is one of the greenest states in India. About 88 species of medicinal plants grow in the state and the government actively promotes usage of ethnomedicine, practised by aboriginal tribes since centuries. The state also contributes about 43% of the total lac produced in the country.


Leading producer of coal, steel, tin and aluminium in India

Iron Ore

2nd largest producer of iron ore in India


Contributes 17% to India’s total exports of herbs and medicinal plants

Metals and Minerals

Chhattisgarh is rich in mineral resources such as iron, steel, aluminium and tin.

The state contributes 32% to India's steel/sponge iron, 30% to India’s aluminium production and 37% to India’s dolomite production. Competitive industrial power tariff supports the presence of up-stream and down-stream industries in the state.

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Electronic System Design and Manufacturing

Chhattisgarh has an operational Software Technology Park of India (STPI) in 1.7 mn ha area, with units in software development, medical transcription, KPO, financial control and accounting.

The state is India's second-largest deployer of fixed WiMAX in the country. The state government is establishing a greenfield Electronics Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) in Naya Raipur to promote investments in ESDM sector in Chhattisgarh. The state is also establishing an Engineering Park in Bhillai on 121 ha of land to promote engineering industries.

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Solar Panel Manufacturing

Chhattisgarh, being one of the leading producers of metals such as iron and tin, is a viable destination for setting up manufacturing industries for solar panels and solar modules.

Lanco Solar is setting up a fully-integrated PV manufacturing project for the production of high-quality polysilicon, silicon ingots/ wafers and modules in over 100 ha SEZ.

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Chhattisgarh accounts for 17% of India’s total exports of herbs and medicinal plants.

The state is endowed with about 22 varied forest sub-types, more than 1,525 varieties of medicinal plants and 312 species of commercially traded medicinal plants.

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Urbanisation Rate

Females/ 1000 Males

Female/Male Ratio

Male/Female Ratio


About 64% of Chhattisgarh's population is in the working age group of 15-59 years.

Chhattisgarh, the 17th largest state in India, is home to more than 2% of the country's total population. The state's population of 25.5 mn is equivalent to the population of Madagascar.

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    $6.42 bn

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$1.65 bn

Gevra Open Cast Coal Mining Project

State (s) Chhattisgarh

$865.8 mn

Coal Based Power Project [Raigarh]

State (s) Chhattisgarh

$853.21 mn

Katghora - Dongargarh New Rail Line

State (s) Chhattisgarh

$853.21 mn

Kharasia-Naya Raipur-Durg New Rail Line

State (s) Chhattisgarh

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