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India and the United Kingdom share a modern partnership bound by strong historical ties. The UK is the 6th largest investor in India and has invested $33.7 bn in FDI inflows between April 2000- December 2022. There are currently ~572 UK companies in India with a combined turnover of $ 48 Bn and directly employing 416,121 people directly as of FY20. The range of sectors attracting investment from the UK has seen strong growth in education, retail, consumer goods, life sciences, healthcare, and infrastructure. India is the 2nd largest FDI contributor in the UK. Over 900 Indian companies operate in the UK that have generated a total turnover of $ 68.04 Bn, employed 141,005 people in 2022.

Major UK Investors

UK Major Investors


    • The Rt Hon’ble Boris Johnson visited India for the first time as PM in April 2022 during which he along with PM Modi agreed on a join statement ‘towards shared security and prosperity through national resilience’ and reviewed progress on the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership towards India-UK Roadmap 2030 set in May 2021. Read More

    • The Hon’ble Commerce and Industries Minister, Shri Piyush Goyal visited UK on 26-27 May 2022 to hold discussions with UK government and business. : Read More

    • The UK and India exchanged an MoU on Cooperation on Global Centre for Nuclear Energy Partnership between Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India and Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, UK in April 2022.

    • India and the UK have exchanged an MoU on Global Innovation Partnership in April 2022 wherein both countries will cofinance $ 100 Mn over the next 14 years to support the transfer of climate-sustainable inclusive technologies from India to third countries in Asia, Africa and the Indo-Pacific in an effort to meet the Sustainable Development Goals.

    • India and the UK have exchanged an MoU on the Migration and Mobility Partnership in May 2021 to enable easy legal movement of students and professionals between the two countries and to hinder illegal migration and organized immigration crime.

    • Launched in September 2019 at the UK techXchange, the UK-India Startup Launchpad enables startups, investors, incubators, and entrepreneurs of both countries to network for global expansion

    • During the 14th JETCO held in 2020, the trade ministers of India and the UK committed to setting up an Enhanced Trade Partnership between the two countries. Currently, the two countries are undergoing negotiations for the 1st ever FTA that aims to double the value of bilateral trade between UK and India over the next decade. 

    • Around 79% of the UK companies in India are subsidiaries, while 21% work with local partners through JVs. Also, nearly 49% of the UK companies export from India, of which 56% are from the manufacturing sector and 44% are from the services sector.

    • During the PM Virtual Summit between PM Modi and PM Johnson in May 2021, new UK-India trade and investment expected worth $ 1.39 Bn was announced to create 6500 UK jobs, $ 644 Mn of Indian investment into UK, and $ 539 Mn of export deals for UK businesses exporting to India

    • To improve connections between the world's electricity power grids, UK and India launched the Green Grids Initiative - OWOSOG in November 2021 at COP 26 backed by 80 other countries

    • Cultural ties between the UK and India go back to 1600s when The East India Company was formed to undertake trade between Tudor England and Mughal India. The two countries have continued to share strong cultural ties ever since.

    • Scotland has a rich historical connection with Kolkata in particular, as well as a long-standing relationship with Indian artists, chiefly through festivals such as the Rajasthan International Folk Festival, the Edinburgh Festival and Fringe and Celtic Connections.

    • In 2017, HRH Queen Elizabeth II launched the UK-India Year of Culture to recognize and promote the strong cultural ties beween the UK and India

    • Launched in June 2022 by the British Council, the UK-India Together, A Season of Culture celebrates the vibrant cultural bonds between the UK and India through film, music and art. 

Prominent Investments

UK in India


A British-Dutch transnational consumer goods company co-headquartered in London, United Kingdom, and Rotterdam, Netherlands. Its products include ...Read more


A British multinational oil and gas company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is one of the world's seven oil and gas supermajors whose ...Read more


A British multinational insurance company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It has about 33 mn customers across 16 countries. In the United ...Read more


A British multinational telecommunications conglomerate, with headquarters in London and Newbury, Berkshire. It predominantly operates services in ...Read more


A British multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in Brentford, London. Established in 2000 by a merger of Glaxo Wellcome and SmithKline ...Read more


A British multinational banking and financial services holding company. It is the 7th largest bank in the world, and the largest in Europe, with ...Read more

India in UK

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)

An Indian multinational information technology (IT) service and consulting company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is a subsidiary of ...Read more


An Indian multinational corporation that provides information technology, consulting and business process services. It also has interest in Consumer ...Read more


An Indian multinational technology company, India. It is a subsidiary of HCL Enterprise. Originally a research and development division of HCL. It ...Read more


An Indian multinational corporation that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. Infosys is the second-largest ...Read more


An Indian multinational information technology and outsourcing company headquartered in Bengaluru, India and New Jersey, USA. Founded in 1999, the ...Read more
  • Automobile


    • 4th 

      largest car manufacturer

    • 4th

      largest vehicle market

    • $118 bn

      Current value of Indian Automobile Industry

      • 2nd largest bus manufacturer and 3rd largest heavy trucks manufacturer  
      • Employs 35 mn people both directly and indirectly
      • The EV market is expected to grow at CAGR of 44% between 2020-2027 and is expected to hit 6.34 million-unit annual sales by 2027.
      • The India passenger car market values at $ 32.70 bn in 2021, and it is expected to reach a value of $ 54.84 bn by 2027 while registering a CAGR of over 9%.
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  • Capital Goods

    Capital Goods

    • 12%

      contribution to overall manufacturing in India

    • 5 million 

      direct employment in 2025

    • 40%

      T&D equipment demand

      • Indian generation and T&D equipment market to reach $ 100 bn by 2025
      • The T&D equipment segment is targeted to reach a size of US $75 bn by 2025
      • 100% FDI allowed under automatic route
      • The industry is divided into 10 sub-sectors where electrical equipment is the largest sub-sector
      • Direct and indirect employment expected to reach 5 mn and 25 mn, respectively by 2025
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  • IT & BPM

    IT & BPM

    • 67%

      Market share in global IT sourcing

    • 17,000+

      Firms and startups offering IT services

    • 18 GB

      Data consumption per smartphone in 2023

      • IT-BPM industry (excluding e-commerce) stands at $ 167 bn as of FY18
      • Digital technologies business is the fastest growing segment for the industry at 30%
      • Smartphone users expected to double to 829 mn by 2022 from 404.1 mn in 2017
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  • Pharmaceuticals


    • 3rd

      Largest market in terms of volume

    • #1

      Largest vaccine producer in the world

    • $ 41.7 bn

      Value of pharmaceutical industry in India

      • Exports 20% of global generic medicines, making it the largest provider globally
      • Expected to reach $65 bn by 2024, and 130 bn by 2030
      • Leader in global supply of DPT, BCG and Measles Vaccine
      • India has the highest number of US-FDA compliant Pharma plants outside of USA
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  • Chemicals


    • 3rd

      largest consumer of polymers in the world

    • $300 bn

      Value of Indian chemical industry by 2025

    • 6th

      largest producer of chemicals in the world

      • 3rd largest consumer of polymers in the world
      • 4th largest producer of agrochemicals in the world
      • Supplies 16% of the global dyestuff and dye intermediates
      • India is set to emerge as fourth largest chemical producer in the world
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  • Aerospace & Defence

    Aerospace & Defence

    • 2nd

      Largest armed force in the world

    • 3rd

      Largest defence budget in the world

    • 6%

      Budget allocated to R&D

      • Contributes 3.3% to global military expenditure
      • GOI aims to achieve a turnover of US $ 25 Bn including export of US $ 5 Bn in Aerospace and Defence goods and services by 2025.
      • Government has established 2 Defence Industrial Corridors in Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
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  • Electronic Systems

    Electronic Systems

    • $ 220 bn

      ESDM sector in India by 2025

    • 16.6%

      Projected CAGR of the Sector during 2020-25

    • 2nd

      Largest smartphone market

      • Opportunities across Electronics, Technology and Telecom sectors to reach $ 1 tn by 2024
      • Fastest growing smartphone market in the Asia Pacific
      • Consumer Electronics and Appliances Industry expected to become 5th largest by 2025
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  • Food Processing

    Food Processing

    • 2nd

      largest producer of fish

    • #1 

      producer of Milk

    • $535 bn

      Expected value of Indian food and retail market by 2025-26

      • Largest producer, consumer, and exporter of spices and cashew nuts
      • Largest producer of pulses
      • 353 Cold Chain projects, 63 Agro-Processing Clusters, 292 Food Processing Units, and 6 Operation Green projects have been approved
      • Pradhan Mantri Kisan SAMPADA Yojana, a government scheme, was formulated for creating a modern infrastructure with efficient supply chain management from farm gate to retail outlet
      • 41 upcoming Mega Food Parks under Mega Food Park Scheme
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  • Medical Devices

    Medical Devices

    • 4th

      largest market in Asia, top 20 globally 

    • $11 bn

      Current market size 

    • 6,000 + 

      Types of Medical Devices in India

      • 100% FDI allowed through the Automatic Route
      • The medical devices market in India has the potential to increase at a 37% CAGR and reach $50 bn by 2025
      • 2nd largest PPE Kits manufacturer with production capacity 10 lakh+ PPE cover per day
      • The medical device sector has been growing steadily at a CAGR of 15% over the last 3 years
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  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy

    • #1

      Largest renewable energy capacity expansion program in the world

    • 2nd

      Highest installed wind capacity in Asia

    • 3rd

      Renewable Energy Country Attractive Index in 2021

      • 5th largest in renewable energy capacity globally
      • 36+ GW installed capacity of renewable energy
      • 5th largest for installed solar capacity
      • The world’s largest renewable energy park of 30 GW capacity solar-wind hybrid project is under installation in India
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  • Retail & E-commerce

    Retail & E-commerce

    • 2nd

      Rank in Global Retail Development Index (GRDI) in 2021

    • 3rd

      Largest consumer economy by 2025

    • 5th

      Largest preferred retail destination globally

      • Asia’s 3rd largest retail market and 4th largest globally
      • Consumption expenditure to reach $ 6 tn by 2030
      • The E-Commerce market is expected to touch $350 Bn in GMV by 2030
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  • FinTech & Financial Services

    FinTech & Financial Services

    • 1st

      Highest fintech adoption rate (87%) globally

    • $140 bn 

      Transaction value estimated to reach by 2023

    • 3rd

      Largest FinTech ecosystem globally

      • Indian FinTech industry's market size is $31 Bn in 2021 and is estimated at ~$ 150 Bn by 2025. 
      • FinTech software market is valued at $2.4 bn as of 2020
      • India led Asia-Pacific in fintech investments with $5.94 billion raised across 236 deals in 2021
      • Digital payments market is expected to reach $ 1Tn and digital lending in India is expected to be $ 100 Bn by 2023
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Recent Investments


Tesco plans to expand operations in India, plans to hire 1000 people

British retail giant Tesco has announced its plan to expand its operations in India. The company will also hire 1,000 people across its technology centres in Bengaluru. 


RELIANCE BRANDS LIMITED (RBL) has announced a strategic partnership with global fresh food & organic coffee chain, Pret A Manger, to launch and build the brand in India.

RELIANCE BRANDS LIMITED (RBL) has announced a strategic partnership with global fresh food & organic coffee chain, Pret A Manger, to launch and build the brand in India. With this long-term master franchise partnership, RBL will open the food chain across the country starting with major cities and travel hubs.

British International Investment Announces $89 mn for Solar Projects in India

British International Investment Announces $89 mn for Solar Projects in India

British International Investment (BII) is providing $47 mn as part of a follow-on investment to the distributed solar company Fourth Partner Energy for projects totaling 294 MW. The projects will be developed across India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The latest funding brings BII’s total commitment to Fourth Partner Energy to $80 mn.

Howden obtains IRDAI approval for 100% stake in Howden India

Howden obtains IRDAI approval for 100% stake in Howden India

Howden, the international insurance broker, announced that it has obtained approval from the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (“IRDAI”) to increase its shareholding in Howden Insurance Brokers India Private Limited (“Howden India”) from 49% to 100%, subject to post completion approval from the Reserve Bank of India.

Scott Bader

Scott Bader to invest at least $36 Mn over next 5 years to create 150 skilled manufacturing jobs in India

Scott Bader, a global manufacturer with headquarters in the UK, recognise the significant opportunities in India and is committed to bringing industry leading composite and adhesive technology to its Indian customers for wind energy, electric vehicle battery technologies and light weighting in transport such as rail and infrastructure projects.

PM Boris Johnson announces new deals worth £1 billion on India visit

PM Boris Johnson announces new deals worth £1 billion on India visit

Prime Minister Boris Johnson arrived in India on Thursday morning for his two-day visit. He will announce a host of commercial agreements and unsher in a new era in UK and India’s trade, investment and technology partnership.


ATD Group, UK's SRAM & MRAM plan INR 100 cr investment on foraying into EV segment in India

ATD Group, a Noida-based diversified entity, and UK's SRAM & MRAM Group, a public health emergency management solutions company, on Thursday announced plans to invest INR 100 crore for their foray into electric mobility in India through a joint venture, Canopus.


Revolut invests $45.5 Mn into Indian arm as part of its first cross-border remittance product to be launched in late 2022

The investments are for Revolut’s first cross-border remittance product in India, which it plans to launch in the second half of 2022. The company is still in talks with the RBI to procure the necessary licences for its products.


Shell to invest $1.6 bn in JV with EKI Energy Service

Indore-based green consultancy EKI Energy Services will float a joint venture with oil major Royal Dutch Shell that will invest $1.6 bn over a five-year period to provide "nature-based solutions". The joint venture will target production of 115 mn carbon credits in five years, as part of Shell's plan to expand in India's renewables space.


UK body CDC looks to invest $3 bn in India; climate change solutions a priority

The British government's development finance institution CDC is looking to pump in up to $3 bn in India over the next five years. A large part of this investment - in equity and debt across asset classes - will flow into projects that help tackle climate change issues.

Willis Towers Watson signs agreement to acquire remaining 51% shares in WTW India 

Willis Towers Watson signs agreement to acquire remaining 51% shares in WTW India 

Willis Towers Watson, a leading global advisory, broking, and solutions company, announced the signing of an agreement to acquire the remaining 51% shares from Anemone Holdings Private Ltd and Rohit Jain in Willis Towers Watson (WTW) India. 


BP invests about INR 97 crore in BluSmart, its first fund in India

London-based bp has made its first direct investment in India, investing $13 mn (about INR 97 cr) in integrated EV ride-hailing and charging company BluSmart. The investment arm of bp ventures led a $25-mn Series A funding that also saw support from Mayfield India Fund, 9Unicorns and Survam Partners, alongside other existing investors.


Barclays Bank infuses over INR 3,000 crore capital to grow India operations

Barclays Bank PLC India (“Bank”) has announced an investment of over INR  3,000 crore in the Bank by its Head Office to accelerate its growth ambitions in India. With this infusion, the Bank’s total invested capital in the country will increase to over INR 8,300 crore.


Vedanta to invest $20 bn across businesses, double silver and steel output

Vedanta Limited is looking to invest up to $20 bn across its businesses, which includes doubling of silver production and steel capacities. The company planned a capex of $5 bn over a period of three years. The company has not given a timeline for $20-bn investment


Tide invests $128 Mn into Indian market to create over 1000 jobs as part of the first international expansion of the UK based neobank

Fintech firm, Tide, the UK’s leading SME-focused neobank, has forayed into the India market, its first international market. As part of its India chapter, Tide announced that it will create over 1,000 jobs and invest more than INR 1,000 crore in India.


Kwalee to invest $30Mn in Indian Market

UK-based game developer Kwalee will invest $30 Million in its India operations over the next five years . The firm has picked Bangalore to be its first overseas studio and will employ 50 individuals including game engineers, visual architects and developers .


Revolut to Invest ~$25 Mn in the Indian market over the next 5 years

Revolut will invest ~$25Mn into the Indian market over the next five years and aims to launch its app by 2022 . It plans to hire 300 employees through its India subsidiary which will serve as global operations hub for the firm

Dyson Logo

Dyson opens 7th demo store in India

Dyson expanded presence in Mumbai by opening its 7th India demo space at infiniti mall . This is their second store in Mumbai. The company has 6 other demo stores across Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai . It has also been listed as one of the fastest growing UK companies in India .


Ergos receives $3 mn from CDC Group

Agritech start-up Ergos has received $3 mn from the UK's CDC Group as the closure to its Series-A funding round. The Ergos platform operates like a bank and offers storage, digitisation, credit and liquidation facility to farmers and has consistently helped them achieve significantly higher incomes for their produce.


BDL and Thales ink pact to manufacture STARStreak Air Defence System

Bharat Dynamics (BDL) and Thales have signed a teaming agreement to work in partnership on the STARStreak Air Defence system with the support of both the governments of India and the United Kingdom. The agreement will provide opportunity for BDL to offer STARStreak missile system to the Indian Armed Forces with a minimum of 60%t of indigenous content, as well as design and development of the system, qualifying it under the ‘Make in India’ programme.

bp logo

BP finalizes investment of $30 million in GGEF

BP finalized its investment in India’s Green Growth Equity Fund (GGEF) with an initial investment of $30 million and a total commitment of $70 million to the fund. The fund, established in 2018, is focused on identifying, investing in and supporting growth in clean energy projects in India.

Johnson Matthey to set up manufacturing facility in Haryana

Johnson Matthey is setting up an automotive component manufacturing facility in Haryana with an investment potential of INR 1,050 Cr and an employment potential of 250 people. JM India proposes to augment capacity by building a new plan in NCR to get the maximum advantage of proximity to the clients and support from the existing plant at IMT Manesar.

BP acquires 49% stake in Reliance's fuel retail network

BP has recently announced acquiring 49% in RIL’s Petroleum retail business at $1 bn. There is also a plan to increase retail outlets from the present level of 1,400 to 5,500.

Shell India acquires 100% equity in Hazira Port & LNG Companies

Shell India, subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell acquired 100% of Hazira Port and LNG venture allowing Shell to build an integrated gas value chain: supply from its global LNG portfolio, regasification at the Hazira facility, and downstream customer sales. It further enables Shell to contribute to India’s long-term need for more and cleaner energy solutions.


BP plans to invest $2 bn in India upstream ventures

BP plans to invest $2 bn in India upstream ventures over next few years. In the past 7 years, BP has invested more than $8 bn in India, with over $7 bn invested in exploration and production. With its partner Reliance Industries (RIL), BP also plans to produce 10% of India’s total gas demand by 2022.

Tata-Tesco JV to open 50 retail stores, distribution centre in Hyderabad

Trent Hypermarket, a 50:50 JV between Tata and British retailer Tesco, plans to open 50 retail stores in Hyderabad in the next 2-3 years apart from setting up a distribution centre. The expansion is part of the 200 stores planned for Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and Bengaluru. 

Marks & Spencer continues its expansion in India

British brand Marks & Spencer (M&S) today reaffirmed its commitment to growing its joint venture business with Reliance Retail in India and expects to continue opening 10 new stores annually. M&S also plans to grow its reach across the country via online fashion platforms

  • mechanism

    Indo-UK Fast Track Mechanism

      • In November 2015, a joint announcement was made by India and the UK to set up a FAST-TRACK system to pave the way for, and identify and solve problems faced by UK companies and investors with their operations in India.
      • The system was set up in the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and entered into operation in March 2016. The Department for International Trade at the British High Commission in New Delhi represents the UK side in this system. Invest India is the key facilitation partner for the FTM.
      • There have been 5 India – UK FTM meetings since 2016 with the most recent one being held on 15th February 2022 under the co-chairmanship of Secretary, Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade (DPIIT) from the Indian side and the British High Commissioner to India from the UK side. The FTM mechanism has helped in successful resolution of multiple issues of UK companies in India.
      • 50 SMEs were shortlisted in the first 2 cohorts, 12 have entered India.
      • 20 SMEs have been added as a part of the 3rd cohort under the 2nd phase
  • Access India Programme (AIP)

      • Launched by the Indian High Commission in the UK, Access India Programme is a market entry support programme launched to assist UK businesses access the Make in India initiative of the Government of India.
      • The programme focuses solely on providing support to small and medium UK enterprises establish their presence in India. It is a unique integrated platform for market entry services that combines services rendered by Government, non-for-profit and private entities. Invest India is the key facilitation partner for the AIP.
      • Key sectors of interest are Aerospace, Defence & Security, Automotive, Advanced manufacturing, Energy, Advanced materials, Food processing, Medtech and Healthcare, Fintech and Cyber security. 
      • As of November 2018, the AIP has received 84 good applications for participation.
      • In the first cohort, 50 applicants were selected and facilitated. Drawing on the success of the first phase, the second cohort was launched on 17 January 2020.

UK Team

The UK Team at Invest India aims to facilitate and assist UK companies in their India entry and expansion plans. Working closely with various stakeholders including states and regulatory authorities, we bring to you a seamless experience in kick-starting your business in India.

Key Functions

  • End-to-end spectrum of investment promotion – research, outreach, promotion, facilitation and aftercare
  • Initiating, attracting, facilitating, fast-tracking and handholding UK investments across sectors
  • Providing information on investment opportunities across sectors, in specific projects and in industrial corridors in particular
  • Extending holistic support to the small and medium enterprises from UK with India interest

Team Advantages

  • Opportunity assessment

  • Policy and incentive advisory

  • Location assessment

  • Market entry strategy

  • JV and strategic partner research

  • Approvals and compliance advisory

  • Issue redressal support

  • Expansion advisory

  • Policy impact analysis

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