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The friendship between India and Japan is a long relationship rooted in strong cultural and civilizational ties with the earliest documented direct contact between India and Japan dating back to 752 A.D.

In the modern era, the two countries have sustained their strong relationship as evidenced by several high-level meetings and economic ties. In 2014, this friendship was elevated to a Special Strategic and Global Partnership. During the same summit, former Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Shinzō Abe pledged to realize public and private investments worth JPY 3.5 trillion and doubling of the number of Japanese companies in India over the next five years. With the achievement of the investment target, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi and Prime Minister of Japan, Mr. Fumio Kishida during his first bilateral visit to India expressed their shared intention to realize JPY 5 trillion of public and private investment and financing from Japan to India in the next five years, to finance appropriate public and private projects of mutual interest.

Major Investor titleMajor Investor titleMajor Investor titleMajor Investor title

Canon is the market leader in DSLR camera devices and expects its revenues to reach $550 mn by 2020.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently announced to invest $35 bn in India by 2020 for infrastructure development.

    • Diplomatic ties between India and Japan were established in 1952 with the signing of the Peace Treaty post World War II.

    • The two countries have several institutional dialogue mechanisms, including a 2+2 Dialogue at the Foreign and Defence Secretaries level, which are held regularly, at senior official and functional levels to exchange views on bilateral issues as well as regional and international cooperation. 

    • In 2016, Japan announced its Country Assistance Policy providing Official Development Assistance (ODA) to build India’s critical infrastructure, and to address social and environmental issues caused by rapid growth. 

    • In a special gesture, India announced “visa on arrival” scheme for all Japanese travellers, including for business purposes, from March 1, 2016.

    • A Comprehensive Economic Partnership was concluded between India and Japan in 2011 to accelerate economic and commercial relations between the two countries.

    • Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s visit, for the 13th Annual Summit, to Japan on 28-29 October 2018 provided further impetus to bilateral ties. MOC on Healthcare and Wellness, Postal services, Environmental cooperation, and Food Processing Sector were among the 32 MoUs/Agreements signed during the Annual Summit.

    • An “India-Japan Digital Partnership” (I-JDP) was launched during the visit of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi to Japan in October 2018, furthering existing areas of cooperation as well as new initiatives within the scope of cooperation in S&T/ICT, focusing more on “Digital ICT Technologies”. This also incorporates setting up “Start-up Hub” between India and Japan.

    • PM led cabinet has approved for the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between textiles committee, India, and M/s Nissenken Quality Evaluation Centre, Japan, for improving quality and testing of Indian textiles and clothing for the Japanese market and facilitate Indian exports to meet the requirements of Japanese importers.

    • A Reciprocal Provision of Supplies and Services was signed between the Armed Forces of India and the Self-Defense Forces of Japan to establish the enabling framework of the activities under the agreement. The activities include the reciprocal provision of supplies and services, and bilateral training activities, United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, Humanitarian International Relief and other mutually agreed activities.

    • The Government of India and Government of Japan signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in January 2021 on a Basic Framework for Partnership for Proper Operation of the System Pertaining to "Specified Skilled Worker". Read more for details

    • The Trade and Industry Ministers of India, Japan and Australia, formally launched the Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (SCRI) on 27th April 2021 to enhance the resilience of supply chains in the Indo-Pacific Region and to develop dependable sources of supply and to attract investment.

    • On 10th of December 2019, Hon’ble Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Piyush Goyal, and Hon’ble Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Mr. Hiroshi Kajiyama, decided to launch “India-Japan Industrial Competitiveness Partnership (IJICP)”. Under the IJICP, MoCI and METI will jointly work toward enhancing India’s industrial competitiveness through discussion in areas such as development and utilization of industrial zones to promote foreign direct investment, lowering cost of logistics, and facilitating smooth governmental procedures. They will also identify challenges of specific industrial sectors and the means to mitigate these challenges.

    • Japan is the 5th largest investor in Indian economy with cumulative FDI inflows of $ 38.3 bn from April 2000 to December 2022. Currently, over 1439 Japanese companies are operating in India. Key sectors include automobiles, Electronics System Design & Manufacturing (ESDM), Medical Devices, Consumer goods, Textiles, Food processing and Chemicals.

    • India’s total trade with Japan has increased to $20.5 Bn in 2021-2022 with exports valued at $ 6.1 Bn and imports at $14.3 Bn.

    • India’s imports from Japan showed a growth of almost 126% in a span of 14 years reaching $ 14.3 bn in 2021-2022 from $ 6.3 bn in 2007-2008. Key imports from Japan include nuclear reactors, electrical machinery and equipment, copper, plastic, inorganic chemicals, rare earth metals,compounds of precious metals.

    • India’s exports showed a growth of 58% in a span of 14 years reaching $6.1 bn in 2021-2022 from $ 3.85 bn in 2007-2008. Key exports to Japan include mineral fuels & mineral oils, organic chemicals, fish & other aquatic invertebrates, and natural or cultured pearls.

    • India is the largest recipient of Japanese Official Development Assistance (ODA) loans. In the India Japan Summit held on March 2022, 7 Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) Loans were extended for projects in connectivity, water supply and sewerage, horticulture, healthcare, and biodiversity conservation in various States.

    • India and Japan have had strong cultural ties for centuries due to the spread of Buddhism through East Asia; Japanese Buddhism continues to play a major role in Japanese society resulting in a strong shared identity between Indian and Japanese people.

    • Initial cultural relations between India and Japan post World War II were initiated in 1949 by the Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who donated an Indian elephant to the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo.

    • The 1952 Peace Treaty between India and Japan was followed by a Cultural Agreement signed in 1956 between the two countries.

    • The Cultural Agreement established a system of cultural exchange between Japan and India through scientific, artistic, and educational endeavours; the agreement also created two Indian-Japanese Mixed Commissions, which govern overall cultural exchange policy.

    • More recent examples of cultural exchange between both countries include the creation of The Vivekananda Cultural Centre in Tokyo in September 2009 and the series of events organized by the Embassy and Consulate General, centered around the 3rd International Day of Yoga in June 2017.

    • Japan and India have forged Asia's fastest growing relationship which is not only limited to trade but also expands to cross-cultural exchange, with over 8,100+ Japanese Nationals residing in India and over 40,700+ Indian Nationals residing in Japan as of 2022.

Prominent Investments

Japan in India

Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki has been in India since the last 37 years. The company in India manufactures, purchases, and sells motor vehicles, components, and ...Read more

Toyota Kirloskar Motors

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, with their two manufacturing plants in Bidadi near Karnataka. ...Read more


UNIQLO made its entry into India with the opening of its first store in New Delhi in October 2019. Since then, it has opened 2 more stores, one each ...Read more

Mitsubishi Group

Mitsubishi Group entered India in 1998 and now operates 14+ subsidiaries and Joint Ventures in the country. The group subsidiaries manufacture, ...Read more


Mitsui has a long-standing and widespread presence in India. Since the 1950s, Mitsui has progressively grown and expanded in the country to operate ...Read more


Honda entered India in 1995 and now operates five subsidiaries in the country. The company manufactures, purchases, and sells motor vehicles, ...Read more

Mizuho Corporate Bank Ltd.

In 2008 Mizuho Bank became the first Japanese lender in India. It has signed alliance agreements with government run State Bank of India for ...Read more


Hitachi started its business in India in the 1930's. Currently, Hitachi has approximately 30 business bases and approximately 7,500 employees in ...Read more


Set up in 1995, Sony India Private Limited is a 100 per cent subsidiary of Sony Corporation, Japan. Sony India manufactures, sells, and exports ...Read more


Panasonic commenced its operations in India in the year 1972. In 2008, Panasonic India Pvt Ltd was formed to integrate the different Panasonic ...Read more

India in Japan


Infosys Ltd. has been present in Japan for the past 15 years. The company has over 1,000 employees working on different client projects in the ...Read more

Tata Consultancy Services Japan

As a joint venture between Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Mitsubishi Corporation, TCS Japan offers services backed by global expertise and best ...Read more

HCL Technologies

HCL Technologies has been present in Japan for nearly two decades, and has helped over 40 Japanese companies through account outsourcing, ...Read more


In 2019, OYO Technology & Hospitality Company, Japan, the JV between OYO – South Asia’s largest, and the world’s fastest growing chain of hotels ...Read more

State Bank of India

India’s largest state-owned bank, State Bank of India has two branches in Japan, offering services like Deposits, Trade Finance Solutions, ...Read more

Quick Heal

Quick Heal Technologies Japan Ltd. was established in April 2012 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Quick Heal Technologies Ltd of India. Quick Heal ...Read more

Sun Pharma

Sun Pharma Japan Ltd. was established in March 2012 to develop, manufacture and sell prescription drugs in Japan and to manufacture and sell ...Read more
  • Automobile


    • 4th 

      largest car manufacturer

    • 4th

      largest vehicle market

    • $118 bn

      Current value of Indian Automobile Industry

      • The India passenger car market values at $ 32.70 bn in 2021, and it is expected to reach a value of $ 54.84 bn by 2027 while registering a CAGR of over 9%.
      • 2nd largest bus manufacturer 
      • 3rd largest heavy trucks manufacturer  
      • Employs 35 mn people both directly and indirectly
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  • Medical Devices

    Medical Devices

    • 4th

      largest market in Asia, top 20 globally 

    • $11 bn

      Current market size 

    • 6,000 + 

      Types of Medical Devices in India

      • 100% FDI allowed through the Automatic Route
      • The medical devices market in India has the potential to increase at a 37% CAGR and reach $50 bn by 2025
      • 2nd largest PPE Kits manufacturer with production capacity 10 lakh+ PPE cover per day
      • The medical device sector has been growing steadily at a CAGR of 15% over the last 3 years
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  • Textiles and Garments

    Textiles and Garments

    • 6th

      Largest exporter of textiles and apparel

    • 95%

      of the world's hand-woven fabrics are made in India 

    • $ 300 bn

      Indian textile exports by 2024-25

      • Largest producer of cotton and jute and 2nd largest producer polyester, silk and fibre
      • Contributes 2% to India's GDP
      • Incorporates 7% of industry output in value terms
      • Incorporates 14% of the total industrial production
    • ​​​​​​

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  • Electronic Systems

    Electronic Systems

    • 2nd

      largest smartphone market 

    • 3rd

      largest scientific and technical manpower

    • 16.6%

      Projected CAGR of the Sector during 2020-25

      • US$ 220 bn ESDM sector in India by 2025
      • $112 bn electronics market size in 2017-18 
      • Fastest- growing smartphone market in the Asia Pacific
      • 100% FDI through Automatic Route


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  • Food Processing

    Food Processing

    • 2nd

      largest producer of food grains, fruits, and vegetables

    • #1 

      producer of Milk

    • $535 bn

      Expected value of Indian food and retail market by 2025-26

      • Largest producer, consumer, and exporter of spices and cashew nuts
      • Largest producer of pulses
      • 353 Cold Chain projects, 63 Agro-Processing Clusters, 292 Food Processing Units, and 6 Operation Green projects have been approved
      • Pradhan Mantri Kisan SAMPADA Yojana, a government scheme, was formulated for creating a modern infrastructure with efficient supply chain management from farm gate to retail outlet
      • 41 upcoming Mega Food Parks under Mega Food Park Scheme
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  • Renewable Energy

    Renewable Energy

    • #1

      Largest renewable energy capacity expansion program in the world

    • 2nd

      Highest installed wind capacity in Asia 

    • 3rd  

      Renewable Energy Country Attractive Index 2021

      • 5th largest in renewable energy capacity globally
      • 5th largest for installed solar capacity
      • The world’s largest renewable energy park of 30 GW capacity solar-wind hybrid project is under installation in India
      • 100% FDI is allowed in all renewable sources of power
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Recent Investments


Nissan and Renault to invest $600 mn to make six new models in India

Nissan Motor and Renault would invest $600 mn to make six new models in India, one of three markets in which the two automakers plan to coordinate closely in a revamped alliance announced last week. The move is intended to help address falling market shares for the Japanese and French companies in a market with rising global importance.

Credit Saison Company

Japan’s Credit Saison Company invests INR 540 crore in its wholly owned Indian subsidiary

Japan’s leading financial services player Credit Saison Company invested INR 540 crore in its wholly owned local subsidiary, Credit Saison India, signalling its intent to enhance exposure in the world’s fastest-expanding major economy.

Dixon to form JV with Japan's Rexxam to manufacture Printed Circuit Boards

Dixon to form JV with Japan's Rexxam to manufacture Printed Circuit Boards

Dixon Technologies, a contract manufacturer of electronic goods has entered into a joint venture (JV) with Japan based Rexxam Company to manufacture printed circuit boards (PCBs) for air conditioners for domestic and international markets.

Suzuki Motor Corporation

Suzuki to invest INR 10,440 crore to step up EV production in India

Suzuki Motor Corporation, the parent company of Maruti, has confirmed an investment of INR 10,440 crore in India to strengthen its EV gameplan.  As we had reported recently, Suzuki will roll out its first all-electric SUV built at its Gujarat plant by 2025. This made-in-India electric SUV will be sold as a Maruti as well as a Toyota model in India, along with international markets.


Johnson Controls Hitachi Air receives approval for PLI for White Goods

Johnson Controls Hitachi Air will be manufacturing cross flow fans, heat exchangers, sheet metal components with an investment of INR 100.67 Crore under the PLI scheme.


Panasonic India plans to invest INR 350 crore

Under the PLI Scheme for White Goods, Panasonic India is planning to manufacture compressors and heat exchangers with a total investment of INR 350 crore


Nipro receives approval for PLI for Promotion of Domestic Manufacturing of Medical Devices

Nipro will be manufacturing Dialyzers with a commitment of INR 180 crore

Nidec has received approval under PLI for White Goods to manufacture motors

Nidec to invest INR 51.9 Crore

Nidec has received approval under PLI for White Goods to manufacture motors

Daikin has received approval under PLI for White Goods to manufacture compressors, motors, heat exchangers etc.

Daikin to invest in INR 538.7 Crore

Daikin has received approval under PLI for White Goods to manufacture compressors, motors, heat exchangers etc.


Mitsui to invest in Punjab Renewable Energy Systems

Japanese Mitsui & Co announced will invest INR 30 crore in Punjab Renewable Energy Systems, a biomass supply-chain management company in India. The investment will be aimed at the expansion of the bio-energy business.

Square Enix

Digital entertainment firm JetSynthesys partners with Japanese gaming firm Square Enix

JetSynthesys has partnered with Japanese gaming firm Square Enix to develop new gaming titles in India.

They will launch their first game LudoZenith, a reimagined version of the Ludo board game, in India. They plan to launch it in other markets at a later date.


Daicel to set up automobile airbag inflator manufacturing plant at OneHub Chennai

Daicel Corporation, headquartered in Japan, will be setting up an airbag inflator manufacturing plant in CapitaLand’s industrial township OneHub Chennai. It will be Daicel Corporation’s first airbag inflator manufacturing plant in India with a planned investment of about INR 230 crore in phase 1.

Orix in India

Japan’s Orix to acquire 20% stake in Indian renewable developer Greenko

Orix Corporation, a Japan-based financial services group has signed an agreement with renewable energy project developer Greenko Energy Holdings, to acquire approximately 20% of its shares, at a total value of around $980 mn (around INR 72.07 bn). As part of the agreement, the company will also add 873 MW of its wind energy portfolio in India into Greenko’s portfolio in exchange for the shares.


Apparel retailer Uniqlo establishes online presence and launches new store

Uniqlo, the Japanese global apparel retailer, launched its online 'Shop from Home' service and opened a new physical store in Noida, NCR.

Japanese company NTT

Japan's NTT to invest $2 bn in India to set up data centres over next 4 yrs

It will be building new campuses in neighbouring Navi Mumbai, Chennai and Noida, and also augmenting capacities at its existing facilities in the financial capital and Bengaluru.

MUFG Bank launches system development and operations unit in India

MUFG Bank has set up a system development and operations wing in India, with plans to develop it into a unit that supports the bank’s business across the Asian and Oceanian regions and elsewhere. With a capital of $4 mn, MUFG Bank holds a 99.9% stake, while its system development arm Mitsubishi UFJ Information Technology Ltd. holds the remainder.

Bugworks raises $9 mn Series-A funding to develop antibiotics to fight superbugs

The Series A funding and the CARB-X award will enable Bugworks to take its drugs to clinical trials, and find new ways to fight the global threat of drug resistance.

SoftBank’s India investment hits $8 bn mark

In December 2014, Masayoshi Son, founder of Japanese internet giant SoftBank Group said that his group would invest $10 bn in the Indian market by 2024. However, within five years, since Son made that remark, SoftBank has already achieved the $8 bn mark and is likely to surpass the committed amount much before the targeted year.

Nissan likely to set up its digital hub in Technopark, Kerala

Nissan is eyeing on Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala to set up its R&D facility to promote innovation. The venture is expected to create about 500 high-end jobs in its first phase.

17 auto ancillary units to come up near Suzuki's Hansalpur plant

Suzuki Motor Corp is planning to set-up 17 automobile ancillary plants in Bhagapura near their Hansalpur plant in Gujarat, with an expected investment inflow of $131 mn.

Kobelco Construction Equipment breaks ground for plant expansion in Sri City

Kobelco Construction Equipment Co. starts expanding the manufacturing capacity at its facility in Sri City in Andhra Pradesh, with a planned investment of around $11.5 mn.

Ise Foods looking to invest in poultry farm and egg-processing industry

Japan's largest egg producer, Ise Foods signs MoU with the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, India to offer support in poultry, egg production and the upcoming Ise-Suzuki Mega Project in Telangana with an investment commitment of $34 mn.

Sumitomo enters Indian realty sector with $2 bn project

Japan’s Sumitomo Corp and Indian auto-component manufacturer Krishna Group announces 50:50 JV in Indian real-estate market to set up Krisumi City Project in Gurugram in Haryana, with a planned investment of $2 bn.

Panasonic inaugurates their maiden refrigerator factory

Panasonic India sets up their maiden refrigerator manufacturing factory in Haryana with an investment of $18 mn

Sega Sammy, GHV Accelerator to put $100k each in 10 startups

Japanese entertainment company Sega Sammy is partnering with Gurugram-based GHV Accelerator to invest a minimum seed fund of $1,00,000 each in 10 startups

Japanese MNC Toray to invest in Sri City in Andhra Pradesh

Japanese MNC Toray plans to set up their unit to manufacture technical textiles in Sri City in Andhra Pradesh, with expected investment inflow of $157 mn.

Japan’s Recruit Group, others invest in online lending startup Rubique

Rubique, a Mumbai-based online marketplace for financial products, has raised an undisclosed amount in a funding round led by Japan's Recruit Group and Russian venture capital firm Emery Capital.

Japan Plus

The Japan Plus at Invest India is the one-stop-shop for exploring and materializing your India entry plans. Working closely with the Union Ministries, States and regulatory authorities, we bring to you a seamless experience in kick-starting your India business.

Key Functions

  • An entire spectrum of investment promotion - research, outreach, promotion, facilitation, and aftercare
  • Initiating, attracting, facilitating, fast-tracking and handholding Japanese investments across sectors
  • Providing information on investment opportunities across sectors, in specific projects
  • Extending holistic support to the small and medium enterprises from Japan with interest in investing in India

India and Japan are ancient civilizations and vibrant democracies. Japan needs opportunities where it can deploy its hard-earned knowledge and technology. With the strength of our friendship and mutual trust, I invite more and more Japanese people and companies to come, live and work in India.

Shri Narendra Modi, Hon'ble Prime Minister of India

I would like to state that the India Japan partnership is special, strategic and global. India can become the factory of the world if both countries combine their efforts. We are committed to the policy of Make in India.

Shinzo Abe, Hon'ble Prime Minister of Japan

Japan and India are getting closer and closer. It is not just economic engagement, it is people to people exchange that is happening. Prime Minister Abe has a special interest in strengthening our bilateral relationship.

Kenji Hiramatsu, Ambassador of Japan to India


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