Reasons to Invest

40% of India’s population will be living in urban areas by 2025 up from 31% in 2010, and will account for more than 60% of consumption
Consumption expenditures will rise by a factor of three to reach 4 trillion by 2025.

How We Help Investors

Research Content Provider

Location Analysis

Policy Advisory/Representation

Stakeholders Meeting

Issue Resoution

Regulatory Clearance Facilitation

FDI Norms

100% FDI is allowed under the Automatic Route

FDI Allowed

In 2018, India's Union Cabinet allowed 100% foreign direct investment (FDI) in single-brand retail without prior government approval that helped companies like IKEA in India

Government Support

Central Government Schemes
  • Duty Drawback Scheme
  • Export Promotion Capital Goods scheme
State Incentives

Incentives by the state usually include:

  • Capital subsidy
  • Stamp duty exemption
  • Interest subsidy
  • Tax reimbursement
  • Electrical duty exemption  
Empowered Group of Secretaries (EGos) and Project Development Cells (PDCs)

The PDCs would be responsible for coming up with projects with all approvals and identifying issues to attract investment that would be brought to the attention of the EGoS.

Export Scenario

Currently India’s top export destination include US, Germany, France, UK, Netherlands, and Australia
The top countries where India currently imports from is China, Malaysia and Italy

Major Investors

Infrastructure Map

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