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It is said that Electric Vehicles (EV) are also called as Emission Elsewhere Vehicle (EEV). Is it true that EVs are just transferring emission from city area to the place where power is being generated?

The fact is that a typical conventional hatchback has 130-140 gm/km of CO2 emission comparing to an electric vehicle for 100 gm/km when charged by grid and when solar charged, there is ~0 gm/km CO2 emission from an electric vehicle.
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What is the Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of hybrid and Electric vehicles (FAME) scheme?

The FAME scheme introduced in April 2012 is to be implemented over a period of 6 years till 2020 to support hybrid/electric vehicles market development and its manufacturing. Under this scheme, demand incentives will be availed by buyers (end users/consumers) upfront at the point of purchase and the same shall be reimbursed by the manufacturers from Department of Heavy Industries, on a monthly basis.

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Which electric vehicles categories are not covered under this FAME scheme?

The following categories are not covered under the FAME scheme:

a) E-Rikshaw
b) Electric Bicycles.
c) Vehicles used for carrying person/goods used within closed premises like factory, airport etc.
d) Electric Chair-cars.

All those vehicles, which are not directly reducing fossil fuel, are not covered under FAME India Scheme.

For more information, please visit the following link.

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Is the FAME incentive applicable along with any other incentives that may be available in my home state for electric vehicles?

The FAME incentive will be available over and above any State level EV incentives being offered by any State/Local bodies.
However for JNNRUM (AMRIT) funded buses, there is a specific incentive amount declared in the Scheme Guidelines.
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