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The PM-STIAC is an overarching Council that facilitates the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India (O/o PSA) to assess the status in specific science and technology domains, comprehend challenges in hand, formulate specific interventions, develop a futuristic roadmap and advise the Prime Minister accordingly. O/o PSA also oversees the implementation of such interventions by concerned S&T Departments, agencies and other government Ministries.

The PM-STIAC is assisted by the Project Management Team (PMT) at Invest India, together with the Office of the PSA. The PMT at Invest India facilitates the delivery and progress of the ‘9 National Missions’ under the PM-STIAC. The team assists and supports the Office of the PSA in the capacity of a specialized project management division that contributes to overall program management and monitoring of the interventions and missions. Besides the ‘9 National Missions’, the PMT also advises on other science and technology projects like establishment of The Indian Museum of The Earth (TIME), Developing City Research and Innovation Clusters across the nation, amongst others. Apart from consulting the state, country and sector teams at Invest India for value addition to the ‘9 National Missions’, the PMT works with the stakeholders of each of the ‘9 National Missions’, in consultation with the relevant Nodal Officer, and keep him/her updated on the activities and progress of each of the missions.

Recent Announcement: PSA to the GoI unveils Manthan, India’s exclusive platform for driving R&D collaboration at scale and achieving India’s scientific missions and UN SDGs.


Initiatives of the Office of the PSA:

  1. City Research Clusters
  2. I-STEM (Indian Science, Technology and Engineering Facilities Map)
  3. Brahmaputra River System
  4. Energy Security
  5. R&D in India
  6. Jal Jeevan Mission
  7. Space Reforms

About PSA

Prof. Ajay Kumar Sood

Prof. Ajay Kumar Sood

Prof. Ajay Kumar Sood is a Distinguished Year of Science Professor at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bangalore and a member of the Prime Minister’s Science, Technology, and Innovation Advisory Council (PMSTIAC) from 2018 onwards. From 2009 to 2014, he has also served as a Member of the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) to the Prime Minister of India.


Missions of the PMSTIAC


Natural Language Translation

Lead Ministry/Department/AgencyMinistry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY)

The ‘Natural Language Translation’ mission of the PM-STIAC aims to make opportunities teaching, and research material to different sects of the population in the country in all regional languages. Key objectives of the Mission is to build a high-quality speech to speech machine translation (SSMT) system for major Indian languages; To create and nurture an ecosystem involving start-ups, Central/State Government institutions working together to develop and deploy innovative products and services in Indian languages; To increase the content in Indian languages on Internet substantially in the domains of public interest, particularly, science & technology, education, healthcare, agriculture, governance, and law & justice.

To read more, visit Bhashini Portal



Quantum Frontier

Lead Ministry/Department/Agency: Department of Science and Technology (DST) 

The ‘Quantum Frontier’ mission of the PM-STIAC aims to initiate work in the understanding and control of quantum mechanical systems with a large number of degrees of freedom as one of the great contemporary challenges in fundamental science and technology. Building competence in Quantum Frontier as essential to national security and economic well-being with breakthroughs in

  • Control of the quantum mechanical systems
  • Building excellence in quantum frontier
  • National Security
  • Quantum Chemistry
  • Quantum Communication 
  • New materials
  • Quantum sensors
  • Quantum cryptography


To read more, visit the following: 

Technology Frontiers, Quantum Technologies 

DST National Mission on Quantum Technologies & Applications (NM-QTA)

DST National Mission on Interdisciplinary Cyber-Physical Systems (NM-ICPS)



Artificial Intelligence

Lead Ministry/Department/AgencyMinistry of Electronics & Information Technology (MeitY)

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Mission will engage closely with academia and industry to develop core research capability at the national level, which will include international collaborations. The Mission will focus on efforts that will benefit India in addressing societal needs in areas such as healthcare, education, agriculture, smart cities and infrastructure, including smart mobility and transportation.

It will help advance technology frontiers through the creation of new knowledge, and the development and deployment of applications.

To read more, visit the National AI Portal by MeitY



National Biodiversity Mission

Lead Ministry/Department/AgencyMinistry of Environment, Forests & Climate Change (MoEFCC)

The Mission will include Comprehensive documentation with potential for cataloguing and mapping all lifeforms in India & assessment of distribution and conservation status. Development of professionals' adept at handling large sets of environmental data for management and monitoring of biodiversity is also a prime objective of the Mission.

To read more, visit the National Biodiversity Mission India Science, Technology & Innovation Portal


National Biodiversity Mission

Electric Vehicles

Lead Ministries/Departments/AgenciesDepartment of Science and Technology (DST)

The ‘Electric Vehicles’ mission of the PM-STIAC aims to develop vehicle sub-systems and components specific to Indian requirements. It is to assist speedy adoption of electric vehicles by making their use viable. The focus areas include:

  • Development of vehicle sub-systems
  • Components for Indian requirements 
  • Rare-earth based Lithium-ion batteries
  • Electric Motors
  • Power electronic


To read more, visit NITI Aayog e-AMRIT Portal



Bioscience for Human Health

Lead Ministries/Departments/AgenciesDepartment of Science and Technology (DST) & Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

The ‘Bioscience for Human Health’ mission of the PM-STIAC will make use of healthy and diseases samples to understand the impact of nature and nurture on health. The primary goal of the mission is to construct comprehensive reference maps of genomes and to understand the dynamics of how exposure to different environments impact our bodies. Mission will make use of healthy and disease samples to understand the impact of nature & nurture on health. 

To read more, visit National Mission for BioScience for human health



Waste to Wealth

Lead Ministry/Department/AgencyOffice of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India

Key Objective of the Waste to Wealth Mission is to identify, develop, and deploy technologies to treat waste to generate energy, recycle materials, and extract those of value. Pilot Projects to Serve as Ready Reckoners and Path Finders for Evidence Based, Effective, Scalable Projects across India. Major focus areas include:

  • Identify and support modern technologies for cleaner and greener environment
  • Waste to energy creation
  • Demonstrate technological solutions for critical waste solutions 
  • Augment Swachh Bharat and Smart Cities Project leveraging science, technology 
  • Circular Economy


To read more, visit Waste to Wealth Portal



Deep Ocean Exploration

Lead Ministry/Department/AgencyMinistry of Earth Sciences (MoES)

The aim of the ‘Deep Ocean Exploration’ mission of the PM-STIAC is to scientifically explore the deep oceans towards improving our understanding of the blue frontier. The focus areas cover the development of technologies for deep sea exploration and exploitation of living (biodiversity) and non-living (minerals) resources; development of underwater vehicles and underwater robotics; development of ocean climate change advisory services; technological innovations and conservational methods for sustainable utilization of marine bio-resources; onshore based desalination techniques; and renewable energy generation.

To read more, visit MoES Deep Ocean Mission 


Deep Ocean


Lead Ministry/Department/AgencyOffice of the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India

The aim of AGNIi (Accelerating Growth of New India's Innovations) is to support the national efforts to boost the innovation ecosystem in the country by connecting innovators across industry, individuals, and the grassroots to the market and helping commercialise innovative solutions. It provides a platform for innovators to bring their technology ready products and solutions to industry and the market thereby helping propel techno-entrepreneurship which can usher a new era of inclusive socio-economic growth.

To read more, visit AGNIi Portal



PM-STIAC Secretariat team at Invest India

  • Malyaj Varmani

    Malyaj Varmani

    Vice President

  • Yasir Khan

    Yasir Khan

    Senior Innovation Specialist

  • Surbhi Awasthi

    Surbhi Awasthi


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