Invest India facilitates GKN Fokker Elmo

As she enters her office- the Pune Facility of the world’s leading aerospace supplier, GKN Fokker Elmo- 29- years old Jaishree walks with the bubbling confidence of a self- made women. Given the sensitive nature of her work ranging from defence to aerospace she undergoes three levels of security screening within the premises. Her smile remains intact as she thinks about the day ahead.

Hailing from the rural household in Maharashtra, she excelled in education and devoted herself to the study of science from an early age. 

Her job is unlike most others and she knows it. It requires highly specialized skills, knowledge, and most importantly, the highest standards of professional excellence. Yet, she is not the only one. Nearly 80 percent of the work force in her office comprises women with similar backgrounds and qualifications. Indeed, GKN Fokker Elmo has made gender balance a key focus area and is committed to ensuring greater participation of women remains a challenge due to a widening knowledge & skills gap, such corporate leadership is a beacon of hope.

And in this movement, a critical role has been played by Invest India-the national investment promotion and facilitation agency, which worked dedicatedly for three years to bring GKN Fokker Elmo to India.

GKN has signed MoU with Maharashtra for investment in a second manufacturing facility for developing wiring interconnection systems. The new site is in Pune, the second largest city in Maharashtra. Pune offers favourable conditions in terms of areas of business development, labour, education &training and infrastructure.It also has an outstanding location relative to the company’s major customer in the country.

The plan also includes installation of its proprietary wiring design and manufacturing system that comprises a unique tool that is rolled out globally at all manufacturing locations to ensure consistent quality across plants. GKN Aerospace, GKN Driveline and GKN Powder Metallurgy have made significant investment in India in recent years. The three firms operate across eight locations in India with 2000 employees.

Although GKN already had facilities in Turkey and China, it was the attractive cost profile, the growth potential of India aerospace market and the dual mode setup that supports business continuity which made india the preferred destination for GKN.

‘’Through a number of efforts of people in India, efforts of the government, Invest India in general and people of the local province-we were able to put together a competitive package of hundred highly skilled and technical jobs into India. We are super pleased about this and we are looking forward to new opportunities of how we can expand our global footprint in the Indian region’’ - John Pitchard CEO Aerostructures & Systems Europe & Asia, GKN Aerospace.

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