The Guiding Light

Every time an entrepreneur is moulded into shape, he moulds with himself the future of many families & also his country. That is the reason why Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasizes on building young entrepreneurs and Invest India works relentlessly towards assisting them in doing so. So when a start up, Forcefox technologies, approached Invest India for help, they jumped in with both feet. It was not just about aiding a start up but also about creating 500 job opportunities for people in Haryana.

Forcefox Technologies’ aim was to set up a manufacturing unit that would cater to functional testing of individual Handset Units, visual testing of handset screen, RF testers (Model 8960), GPS Tester, FM Tester, Battery and Charger Testers of handset and would also provide implemented ERP system to manage the production.

But like every start-up, they too were unaware of the policy support the government was providing to mobile parts manufacturer. So they approached Invest India in April 2016 for assistance. Team Invest India promptly jumped in to help Forcefox Technologies with their vision and made them aware of the ‘Electropreneur Park (EP)’, an incubation centre set up with government funds of around Rs 21 crore to support incubation of up to 50 companies. The company was made aware of this significant policy support that the government would be providing to electronics manufacturers. In addition, they were briefed that the Park would focus on creation of intellectual property rights and product development to increase domestic manufacturing of electronics items.

Invest India team then aligned Forcefox with the said scheme and helped it with necessary support of getting central government incentives, creation of negotiating platform with state government of Haryana on building road for factory, single window clearances and state incentives. In the process the state government was advised by Invest India to bring dedicated ESDM policy.

Today the company has secured a plant in Haryana and they also intend to work on expansion plans. From market surveys for understanding the product demand in India to guidance on business structure as well as statutory registrations they had Invest India team to hand hold them throughout the set-up process. Now the company is operational in Haryana Electronic Cluster since September 2016. It is gearing up to employ 500 skilled youngsters in its manufacturing unit. It is the power to transform many lives with one single action that keeps the Invest India team work hard each day to carve a better tomorrow for the country & the countrymen.