Podcast for Seoul

11 July 2022

Korea Plus successfully conducted a strategic roadshow in Seoul to understand more about the success of Korean companies in the Indian market. The team had detailed discussions with 30+ Korean investors within five days, focusing on Korean industry expansion plans in India making it "when" rather than "if". Read more

North East Desk

24 June 2022

Northeast region of India has access to domestic and international markets (Bangladesh, Myanmar, Tibet, and Southeast Asia). It is the Biodiversity hotspot, having a number of specialty indigenous crop varieties, spices, and medicinal plants. Moreover, it has strong traditional handloom and handicrafts sector, sericulture, textiles, and bamboo industries. Read more

Countering Rogue Drones

9 May 2022

Counter-drone technology, also known as counter-UAS, C-UAS, or counter-UAV technology, refers to systems that are used to detect and/or disable unmanned aircraft. As concerns mount around the potential security threats that drones may pose to both civilian and military entities, a new market for counter-drone technology is rapidly emerging. Read more