Project Monitoring Group (PMG) is an institutional mechanism for expedited resolution of issues and milestone-based monitoring of projects with investments upwards of INR 500 Cr. PMG facilitates the organization of Review Meetings chaired by the Special Secretary/Joint Secretary, Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), and review meetings chaired by the Secretary (Coordination), Cabinet Secretariat.  

Key Milestones  

  • Review of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Ministry of Power projects by AS, Prime Minister’s Office: In this review, 96 projects and 8 Prime Minister announcements worth INR 3.2 Lakh Cr were discussed with senior officials from each ministry. Ministries were requested to target February 2024 as the date of completion of projects. More importantly, projects facing issues and delays were instructed to update the same on the portal before the next review. 

Review Meetings chaired by Secretary (Coordination), Cabinet Secretariat 

  • Andhra Pradesh Review: In this review, 36 issues across 73 projects worth INR 3,09,569 Cr were reviewed. 

Andhra Pradesh Review
  • Arunachal Pradesh Review: In this review, 14 issues across 17 projects worth INR 1,71,110.78 Cr were reviewed.
Arunachal Pradesh Review
  • Himachal Pradesh Review: In this review, 14 issues across 23 projects worth INR 1,41,321 Cr were reviewed.
Himachal Pradesh Review
  • Sikkim Review: In this review, 16 issues across 17 projects worth INR 1,71,110.78 Cr were reviewed.
Sikkim Review
  • Telangana Review: In this review, 44 issues across 46 projects worth INR 1,72,919 Cr were reviewed. 
Telengana Review
  • Karnataka Review: In this review, 43 issues across 57 projects worth INR 2,36,177 Cr were reviewed. 
Karnataka Review
  • West Bengal Review: In this review, 33 issues across 75 projects worth INR 2,50,568 Cr were reviewed. 
West Bengal Review
  • Chhattisgarh Review: In this review, 35 issues across 43 projects worth INR 1,89,012.11 Cr were reviewed.
Chhattisgarh Review
  • Odisha Review: In this review, 65 issues in 95 projects worth INR 3,21,636.5 Cr were reviewed. 
Odisha Review
  • Punjab Review: In this review, 37 issues across 48 projects worth INR 150,981 Cr were reviewed. 
Punjab Review
  • Gujarat Review: In this review, 29 issues in 87 projects worth INR 5,05,735.82 Cr were reviewed. 
Gujarat Review


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