A natural partnership: US India FDI perspectives

The US and India are the world's oldest and largest democracies, and fastest-growing economies; they are "natural allies". The US is the third-largest contributor of foreign direct investments (FDI) to India as of December 2020. Likewise, the US is the second-largest recipient of outgoing FDI from India. The broad-based and multi-sectoral relationship between US and India is defined by cooperation in areas like defence, commercial relations, energy, environment, technology, and health. As a testimony to these priorities, India and the US have collaborated extensively during the ongoing public health crisis. They have also spearheaded efforts in vaccine development to fight Covid-19. Given the size and sophistication of the respective economies, there is still room for further growth in investments. Through this report, Invest India aims to bring out the many possibilities that exist for the mutual growth of US and India through sustainable economic collaborations.


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