To keep India’s position strong in the global economy, as well as ensure our adaptability in the face of incredibly unprecedented challenges, it is crucial that innovation not be neglected, and that our strongest innovators be supported whenever possible. The AGNIi Mission is committed to pursuing that goal, working under the guidance of the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA) to ensure market-ready innovations get the support they need to feasibly compete in the marketplace. 

Recently, Invest India and the AGNIi Mission partnered with Microsoft to support their 'Microsoft for Startups' program, wherein selected startups can work with Microsoft to support their journey of becoming enterprise-ready.

11 startups were selected for the first cohort of this initiative: 

  • Amplearth Packaging and Systems: Enables latest innovations to help manufacture and manage large-scale sustainable and reusable FMCG packaging. 
  • Arishti CyberTech: Enables security and flexibility within enterprise communications, enabling businesses to share sensitive data smoothly. 
  • Daybest Research:  Provides smart agricultural intelligence and technology to farmers in India and government institutions.  
  • Go Buzzr (Dev BeeTech): An agritech startup offering an IOT based smart beehive monitoring system that studies the condition of beehives and communicate through the mobile application. 
  • Prkruti (Jal Technologies): Provides businesses with an efficient outcome with their wide array of application services including business analysis and documentation, B2B technology, software solutions, e-commerce, mobile apps design, web-hosting and website development and enterprise application integration. 
  • Sandbird Research and Development: Provider of a smart electric tiller with which the farmers can sit remotely and operate the vehicle with remote control technologies without any need of a driver. 
  • Vasudhaika Digital (Kalgudi Digital): Provider of a convergence platform for businesses across agriculture and rural livelihoods by providing a holistic approach that benefits the organizations. 
  • Vecmocon Technologies: Contributes to sustainable requirements of society through technology solutions such as smart battery pack, EV cluster, fleet management, operations motor, and motor control. 
  • Whrrl Fintech Solutions: Empowers farmers, traders, and producer companies on a blockchain platforms in raising working capital to tide over lengthy crop cycles. 
  • YCLEPT 4E Labs: Provides clean energy, connectivity, and local information on the go using eco-friendly smart solutions. The product runs on clean energy and can be operated through cloud technology. 
  • Yuktix Gidabits: Provides innovations around accurate farm monitoring, solar computing, wireless sensors, IoT for agriculture, harvest quality monitoring, and farm risk and health management. 

These onboarded startups will gain access to a plethora of benefits, including Azure credits, as well as support for technology and business acceleration, focused on scaling their growth. Startups will be able to utilize Microsoft technology including Azure, GitHub, and Microsoft Teams, allowing them to quickly build and run their businesses. The selected startups will also get personalized technical sessions, content, and mentorship. Moreover, they will be able to leverage Microsoft’s Azure marketplace, enterprise sales team, and the rapidly growing partner ecosystem to develop and execute their go-to-market strategies.  

In response to the success of the Microsoft for Startups program, Emily Rich, Director of Startups - APAC, Microsoft had this to say: 

“The collaboration between Microsoft and Invest India affirms our commitment to the startup ecosystem in the country. Combining the reach of Invest India’s AGNIi Mission with the tech and business resources of Microsoft for Startups, this is an exciting opportunity for startups to accelerate their aspirations for enterprise readiness.”  

Furthermore, Deepak Bagla, CEO & MD of Invest India had the following comments: 

“Fostering strong ties with the top enterprises in the world to nurture Indian innovation is one of the most important contributions of AGNIi in ensuring India’s continued strength in the global economy. I congratulate the AGNIi Mission for playing a pivotal role in transforming India’s innovation landscape in these unprecedented times of global change.” 

The AGNIi Mission remains committed to fostering stronger partnerships with the world’s top enterprise players to ensure that innovators can get the best opportunities possible.

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