Based on the government order released on 23 March 2020*, please find below information on what all is allowed and what is not



State border sealed

Medical exigency and unavoidable circumstances

Private transport

For procuring essential commodities, medical reasons

Inter State buses (including private) for inbound passenger movement


Congregation of 5 or more people

If for fighting COVID-19

All Shops, Commercial Establishments, Offices etc shall be closed

Production& Manufacturing Unitsin drugs, fuel, food and essential commodities including agricultural inputs.

Vehicle movement in

Medical Emergencies

Prayers gatherings and religious gatherings


IT and BioTech Unitsto work from home

If dealing with critical and essential services

Cannot remove any worker on this account

Paid Leave should be given to workers


Govt offices

If dealing with essential services

Allowed shops and establishments

  1. Banks, Media, ITES, Postal
  2. Transport of all goods
  3. Food: wholesale and retail markets and shops
  4. ULB, Panchayat offices
  5. Electricity, Water and Municipal services
  6. Production and manufacturing units in continuous mode
  7. Transportation of essential items
  8. Take away, Delivery at restaurants
  9. Hospitals, medical services and related transport
  10. Petrol Pumps, Gas, Oil agencies and related transport including godowns
  11. Security services (including private)
  12. Private establishments supporting essential services
  13. Private establishments supporting efforts for containment of COVID-19
  14. Airport and related services

*This now applies to the entire state.

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