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CSC Bihar

The AGNIi Mission, in partnership with Common Service Center, successfully conducted a series of Digital Technology Showcases focused on innovations for rural India.

On 12th and 13th August, two 90-minute showcases were held in Bihar, to address the following concerns:

  • Drinking water issues due to contamination of water or lack of proper storage
  • Soil testing technologies with less technical dependency to ensure more farmers can use them easily
  • Storage technologies for vegetables and fruits
  • Drones for spraying of pesticides as due to land distribution in all major districts it becomes difficult to take heavy machinery from one farm to the other

Seven technologies were presented during the showcases reaffirming the capability of Indian innovations to tackle challenges faced by Indian villages:

  1. Dharashakti: An easy-to-use soil organic carbon detection and testing kit
  2. Tan 90: Portable cold storage units to plug the gaps in cold chain
  3. Krishakti: Smart and intelligent precision spraying drones for crops
  4. Avatar Small Wind Turbine: Wind turbines deployed as decentralized and distributed renewable energy solutions for urban and rural India
  5. Saptkrishi: A low-cost, technological solution that extends the shelf life of perishable horticultural produce.
  6. Soil Saathi: A lightweight chemistry analyzer with the ability to test 22 parameters in soil and water and advise fertilizer requirements based on crop and agro-climatic conditions.
  7. Thanos: A drone-based autonomous spraying platform that sprays an acre in a fraction of the time uniformly.

A total of 150 rural entrepreneurs participated in both showcases and were keen to hold advance discussions with the startups on implementing these solutions in their respective geographies.

The AGNIi Mission remains committed to introducing emerging technologies in rural India to address the complex and unique challenges it faces today.