Plastic pollution remains one of the greatest environmental issues of current times. There is a strong demand for innovation for efficiently managing waste.

The Go Massive Earth Network is a leading network that brings access to capital, mentorship, and validation of idea through its partnerships with research labs, tech academia, and policy think tanks. AGNIi partnered with GoMassive for the Agra Innovation Lab to provide outreach and technology scouting support for the challenge.

The primary focus areas for the challenge were waste identification, waste sorting, waste transportation & recycling. The following startups were shortlisted:

  • ClearBot has developed one of the world’s most efficient AI for waste identification and classification. Their product is a 0-emission robotic boat that uses artificial intelligence to clear trash, weeds out of different water bodies at scale. Further, by combining this with their expertise in robotics they have built a complete solution that can cut the cost of marine services like clean-up by 2x, increase range by 5x and collect 4x more material per day!
  • Recity is involved in creating end-to-end solutions in solid waste management and circular economy. Recity plays the role of a catalyst to enable multiple stakeholders to achieve a circular economy in cities.
  • Lucro, a leading supplier of recycled packaging, works with flexible plastic to produce high-quality products. They handle the entire waste value chain right from collection to recycling and the manufacturing of final recycled products.
  • SpruceUp manufactures India’s first & only complete contactless heavy garbage collection machine. With Jatayu Super, contactless garbage collection is possible right from the point of collection to the point of garbage transfer/dumping. This cleantech startup is aiming to protect the health, safety, and dignity of 4 million waste pickers in the country through technology.

These startups have been pitched to the Agra District Administration and are up for consideration for pilot projects in the city of Agra.

The AGNIi Mission is committed to continuing its partnership with GoMassive, as well as local district bodies, to ensure the creation of the right opportunities for innovators that address pressing environmental concerns such as plastic waste management.

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