The above graph shows how daily new cases across various countries have come up. It is also highlighted on the map has to when certain countries went in for lock down. For example, Italy was in a lock down on the 9 March 2020. Iran followed suit on 13 March.

At the time when lock down was enforced, the new cases of COVID-19 that were coming up were more than 1500 in Italy and about 2000 in Iran. When the lock down was imposed in United Kingdom on 23 March more than 500 cases were being reported daily. Compare this to India where the number of new cases on any given day so far has not even touched 200. India observed a Janta Curfew on 22 March and the Prime Minister in his address to the nation formally announced the lock down on 23 March. The total number of cases at time of the lock down was less than the daily cases in any other jurisdiction at that time shown in the graph. In fact, the total number of cases in India till date (30 Mar 20) is just above 1000 as on the time of this article. This is a data backed testimony to the proactive approach of the Indian government towards this pandemic. 

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