Covid-19 recovery

It was the last working day, and I was looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Slowly, my excitement was turning into anxiety. Towards the end of the day, I started feeling uneasiness in my throat and a mild cough, along with getting an absurdly low taste and smell of food.

Taking all precautions to stay safe since the onset of the second wave, I never expected to be a victim of this virus. Being new to the city further added to my anxieties. I was confused to choose the lab for the test. Fortunately, I was able to get the contact of our official lab partner with the support of the Invest India team. The lab report came out in 24 hours, which was the most cumbersome time for me, and I tested positive for COVID-19!!

I further informed my team members about my positive report and was overwhelmed with the kind of support they offered me. The Invest India team have been working towards offering aid to all Covid affected employees and citizen looking for help. The team members assured help, including the availability of bed, medicines, food, the assistance of doctors with no delay. Furthermore, the mental health awareness sessions organised for the employees have been beneficial to cope with the mental stress that comes along with the illness.

Words cannot justify how each team member has contributed to ensuring that the employees and their loved ones are given maximum support during this challenging period. At the same time, keeping the office work unaffected despite being selflessly involved in the Covid-related activities to help the citizens is commendable. 

I have experienced that little help can go a long way. I am currently volunteering in the Covid support initiative of Team Invest India to provide overall assistance to the affected members based on their requirements. I reckon that these tough times have shown the significance of teamwork. Undoubtedly, the team has demonstrated dedicated work towards meeting the goal to curb the impact of Covid on the Invest India family members. 

This blog has been authored by Rupali Dubey.

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