You can email ID giving particulars along with relevant documents pertaining to their identity and essential service. You can WhatsApp on the below-mentioned numbers as well.


There is a list of allowed people and vehicles, mentioned below. The organizations employing these people shall have to get Curfew Passes made for their employees from the DCP Office. This would be based on the location of the organization.

As per our understanding, the following need to be deposited at the DCP office:

  1. Request for issuing of curfew passes on company letterhead, signed by CEO (with basic details of delivery personnel and vehicle registration numbers of the vehicles involved in delivery)
  2. Photocopy(s) of Driving License of Delivery Personnel
  3. Photocopy(s) of RC of vehicles to be used for delivery
  4. Two passport size photographs of delivery personnel – needs to be added.

Since a number of organizations outside of Delhi employ people who stay in Delhi, Police have allocated DCP offices thereto. This means if you are located in Gurugram, you can get Curfew Passes for your employees residing in any part of Delhi from South West District, DCP office located at Nelson Mandela Marg, New Delhi.

If you are in…

You have to visit…

Which is located at…


South West District, DCP office

Nelson Mandela Marg


South East District, DCP office

 Sarita Vihar


Shahdra District DCP office

Shalimark park, Bholanath Nagar, Shahdra


East District DCP office

IP Extension, Mandawali Fazalpur


Outer North District DCP office

Samaipur Badali


Outer District DCP office

Pushpanjali enclave, Pitampura

You can check out more on DCP offices for your locality(if you stay in Delhi) at


All activities relating to the below sectors are permitted. This means that even if someone is making industrial ink, then they are allowed on the road, as that service is necessary for delivering bread by a manufacturer. Godowns that store rice, and agencies that supply LPG cylinders are also allowed.

List of essential services allowed on road:

  1. Police, fire, electricity, municipal, water, prisons
  2. Legislative assembly, parliament
  3. Media
  4. Cashier/Teller operations of Banks + ATM
  5. Telecom, Internet, Postal
  6. Food, milk plant, General provision stores
  7. Take away/Delivery from restaurants
  8. Chemist and Pharmacy
  9. Petrol Pump, LPS, Oil (including godown and related transportation)
  10. Airline staff and crew
  11. Animal fodder
  12. Manufacturing, processing, transport, distribution, storage, trade of All the above services and Commodities
  • If a private employee is engaged by the government, such person shall be permitted on the basis of ID card and authorization by concerned government organisation.
  • Those employees of Government/ Autonomous Bodies/PSUs of GNCTD, who are requisitioned for providing essential services shall be allowed unhindered movement in and out of Delhi on production of a pass to be issued by the offices of the DMs concerned/Divisional Commissioner/HoDs or any gazetted officer authorized by the HoDs.
  • The persons, who are residents of Delhi and are stranded outside Delhi for some reason, shall be allowed to enter Delhi on the production of any valid ID/Residence proof showing their residential address in Delhi.

Format of the Pass

WhatsApp numbers for issuing Passes


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