COVID 19: India VS World

This is a plot in even time. This means that the numbers on the X-axis represent the number of days since the first Corona case was detected in that country. This means that for the yellow line, that is Brazil, 18 is the day when it had been 18 days since the first case was detected. In India day zero represents 30 January 2020 when the first Corona case was detected.

Since it has only been 23 days since the first case, the data for Brazil is only available till then. In this case, the 23rd day of Brazil is 20 March 2020. The last day for all these countries is 20 March 2020. As is visible, the number of cases have skyrocketed within a few days of discovery. In the case of Belgium, cases were controlled for almost a month after which we can see the line starts going up exponentially. 

Similarly, in the case of the United Kingdom, we see that after a month the line representing the total number of cases is very similar to that of an exponential function. In the case of Canada for over 40 days cases were under control. For a country of that size, this is commendable. However, we have seen in the past week the number of cases have really shot up.

What is praiseworthy here is that even though India has had more than 50 days of the infection, the number of cases have been far lower than those in many of the developed countries.

This graph does not represent the United States, France, South Korea, Iran or China. In all of these countries, the number of cases is orders of magnitude higher than those in India.

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