The Bosch Group is one of the largest global suppliers of technology and services. Their goal is to improve quality of life worldwide with products and services that are innovative and spark enthusiasm. Bosch India is one of Bosch’s largest R&D centres outside Germany offering end-to-end engineering, IT & Business solutions.

The AGNIi Mission, in partnership with Bosch, organised ‘Bosch’s DNA Startup Alliance Program’, which was modelled on: ‘D’ (Discover the startups in Bosch’s interest area), ‘N’ (Nurture startups for a period of 16 weeks) and ‘A’ (Align startups with Bosch business units).

The 2021 DNA Startup Alliance aimed to build synergies between startups and Bosch business units to co-create solutions and look at joint Go-To-Market strategies. A wide variety of focus areas such as new age digital technologies, connected mobility, healthcare, agritech, cybersecurity, supply chain solutions, iOT, and blockchain were covered.

Six startups were selected as the winners of this challenge. These included:

  • Resonating Mindz Pvt Ltd: With their expertise in technology and domain understanding, their objective is to help organizations achieve their Industry 4.0 goal through innovative technologies such as an Industrial Motor Monitoring solution which operates via ioT to wirelessly monitor production processes.
  • Senseforth AI Research Pvt Ltd: This startup specializes in Conversational AI Technology, or Chatbots. They have clients among numerous well-known institutions in both the public and private sector, including HDFC Bank, Nestle and MeitY.
  • Quarkify Technologies: They specialize in iOT-based solutions and dabble in a wide variety of products including Smart Space Automation, state-of-the-art indigenous hardware and software for managing spaces and energy smartly. They have also developed military surveillance solutions that enhance rover swarm-based patrolling and enable seamless local intelligence sharing.
  • Nuronics Labs Pvt Ltd: The Nuronics Platform provides users the fastest “voice-to-meaning” technologies combined with unprecedented accuracy using their proprietary “Meaning Match” algorithm. The users get to ask questions from multiple areas of interest using voice or text and their engine delivers these complex queries within a fraction of second. Moreover, clients can define their own “wake words” to deliver their brand across all their products.
  • Xplorazzi Adventures Pvt Ltd: Xplorazzi focuses on enhancing online & offline Visual Merchandising for consumer goods companies. They do this via products that focus on image recognition technologies that detect shelf, promotional displays, and Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) on the shelf to make sure the shelf planogram is compliant. Their 3D scanner app/SDK can also be used to convert images into 3D models optimized for an Augmented Reality experience. Consumer goods companies can use the platform to generate AR links and embed them in online portals for better consumer experience.
  • Light Information Systems Pvt Ltd: They have been a pioneer in Natural Language Processing AI with more than 150 years of R&D. Today, 'E42' Light’s flagship AI NLP platform adds cognitive capabilities to enterprise systems and automates conversations and processes.

These startups will receive the following incentives from Bosch:

  1. Mentorship and Nurturing sessions.
  2. Market access via a display on the Bosch marketplace, introduction to customers & opportunities to co-create solutions with Bosch’s technology & business teams, joint go-to-market.
  3. Opportunities to showcase to investors through Open Bosch Connect Events.

AGNIi served as a technology scouting partner for the engagement & reached out to its network of innovators and stakeholders to generate additional interest and participation in the program. AGNIi remains committed to continuing its partnership with enterprises that have a mutual goal of nurturing India’s innovation ecosystem.

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