National security and defence has been one of the strongest drivers of innovation throughout history, and modern times are no exception. Hence, AGNIi cultivated strong relationships with numerous stakeholders in the defence and internal security space to ensure that innovators can provide their assistance where it is in most demand and help upgrade agencies with Indian innovations and technologies capturing the country's Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) base.  

One such stakeholder is the BSF, one of India's Central Armed Police Forces tasked with guarding the borders between India and Pakistan and India and Bangladesh. BSF has sought AGNIi's assistance for numerous use cases, such as operations, surveillance, communication, liveability, and smart borders. 
AGNIi , in its partnership, enabled a bottom-up stakeholder engagement within the force, formulating use cases covering tactical, strategic, and operational requirements of the force.  
AGNIi kickstarted a series of technology showcases focusing on the Kashmir and Rajasthan frontier of the BSF. The first day's showcase concentrates on addressing the challenge of liveability for troops positioned on the Line of Control (LoC) and the international border(I.B.). Presentations were conducted for the benefit of the special Director General (DG), logistics and operations. It was also attended by 3 Deputy Inspector Generals (DIGs) and Senior Commandants from the provisioning/log/qorks department. 

AGNIi is committed to maintaining its longstanding partnership with BSF, which guards the very frontiers of our nation, and would be the first to face off against any cross-border threats to national security. We will follow the model of analysing and refining relevant use cases and allowing the most suitable technologies to be showcased and then procured to modernize India's first line of defence. AGNIi takes pride in its partnership with the BSF and salutes the bravery of the women and men of the Force.  

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