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B Medical Systems' first-ever manufacturing facility outside Europe in Mundra, Gujarat

The B Medical System Facility in Mundra, Gujrat, is the first manufacturing facility in healthcare (vaccine cold chain solutions) from Luxembourg in India. It's also the first time in over 40 years that B Medical System has opened a facility outside of Luxembourg. A total of 100 individuals will be directly employed as a result of the $ 15 million investment in Mundra. Moreover, the installation of manufacturing facilities in Mundra creates an additional 250-300 indirect jobs. Since their initial plan announcement following the Luxemburg-India Virtual Summit in 2020, Invest India has played a crucial role in guiding BMS in their India entry. Invest India facilitated the establishment of B Medical System's operations in Mundra, Gujarat, and has aided in stakeholder consultations with the central government, policy guidance on setting up of their greenfield operations in the state.