Invest India, the national Investment Promotion Agency (IPA) of India, as the President of the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA), is organising the 27th WAIPA World Investment Conference (WIC) from December 11-14, 2023, at the India International Convention & Expo Centre - Yashobhoomi, New Delhi.

The four-day conference, the flagship event in the global investment promotion calendar, will witness the attendance of participants from the over 60 IPAs of other countries, policymakers, start-ups, businesses, investors, and multilateral organisations from across the world.

WIC, one of the largest gatherings of IPAs, is a key forum of WAIPA to address current economic and social issues that may affect global investment flows and other strategic and policy considerations. Apart from electing the Steering committee of the WAIPA for the next two years, WIC is a valuable opportunity for IPAs to network with potential investors and other key stakeholders, learn about the latest trends in investment promotion in various sectors, share best practices and case studies, discuss policy challenges and opportunities, promote their countries and investment destinations.

Whereas for the multilateral and the private sector, WIC provides a unique platform to engage with IPAs and share their perspectives on investment promotion and FDI, learn about the investment needs and priorities of IPAs and their member countries, and promote their programs and initiatives to IPAs and their member countries.

The overarching theme of this year’s WIC is Empowering Investors: IPAs Pioneering Future Growth. Under this theme, participants from the union and state governments, start-ups and businesses, industry bodies and associations, global IPAs and multilateral agencies will deliberate on the following sectors:

Sector Sub-sectors
Agri-Food Processing Value-added Dairy, Meat and Fisheries Processing, Agri-food Tech, Fruits and Vegetables
Automotive & Machinery Auto Components, Charging Infrastructure, Battery Technology
Energy / Infrastructure Green Hydrogen, Solar Energy
ICT/ Technology Cloud Computing and Data Centers, Global Capability Centers, Artificial Intelligence
Life Sciences Health Services, Medical Value Travel, Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals
Tourism Adventure/ Theme Parks, Sustainable Tourism, Wellness Tourism

In these sessions, 15 Indian states and 50 Indian start-ups will also pitch investment opportunities and investible projects to 50 global investors and VCs to garner interest for investment. Similarly, 60 global IPAs and 20 global start-ups will showcase their opportunities to 100 Indian investors and VCs.

This conference will see key execution of key outcomes like the signing of an Expression of Interest between investors and states and 50 start-up expansion deals. The Conference will also trigger conversations on the Al framework and opportunities in Semicon and energy storage, the creation of multi-country marts and Fund of Funds.

The Conference will also feature an Experience India Centre, a showcase of cutting-edge tech at population scale use, attractive tourism options, services, and audio-visual/static display of Indian premium products with world-class quality and packaging. Technologies like hologram, Private 5G network, 3D printing will be used to showcase ODOP Initiative, AYUSH, etc.

How many Indian start-ups will pitch investment opportunities and investible projects to 50 global investors and VCs ?


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