Startup India successfully organized "Together 2022", where 81 Indian and Canadian student entrepreneurs’ teams were shortlisted from across the two countries and underwent a week-long training and mentorship camp, culminating in a pitching event. The program received over 500 applications. To support innovators and help them refine their proposals for the judges, 81 mentors from India were matched with 81 mentors from Canada who worked with each team. Several Canadian and Indian innovators and venture capitalists spoke at the event, each serving as an event speaker, mentor or judge throughout the duration of the program. Each student team presented ideas to innovate across several sectors of national importance to unlock business opportunities fit for the Indian commercial landscape.

The theme of Together 2022 was 'Self Reliability, Sustainability, and Social Purpose, ' focusing on 8 major sectors. Indian student entrepreneurs own the new enterprises, and the competition winners were given access to sophisticated startup tools, global networks, and financial assistance to help them build their dreams.



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