Technology Showcase

The AGNIi Mission, under the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor, is actively working with numerous ministries under the Empowered Technology Group (ETG) initiative. These engagements empower the mission to directly engage with government stakeholders to showcase opportunities for innovators

On October 14th, the AGNIi Mission, in partnership with the Ministry of Education, organized a technology showcase consisting of innovators from the public R&D sector and startups. The showcase highlighted multiple use cases through technological interventions under the National Digital Education Architecture (NDEAR) and National Education Policy (NEP), such as –

  • Low bandwidth video tools
  • Creating a Virtual School
  • Personalized Adaptive Learning

Four innovators showcased their technologies:

  • TagHive: Developed the Class Sathi app using low-bandwidth video tools for providing personalized classes to CBSE students from Classes 6 to 10.
  • Kinetic Green:  An EdTech company based out of Lucknow which provides STEM-focused experiential learning solutions at the K-12 and higher level.
  • Embright Infotech: Developed the Eduoskus XR, an academic management application that facilitates virtual classrooms by facilitating attendance management, assignment submissions, and student self-assessment.
  • Cretile: An EdTech startup supplying educational kits to students about electronics, coding, and app development at various tiers of learning

AGNIi is committed to assisting in the NDEAR and NEP initiatives of the Ministry of Education by providing innovators a platform to showcase their value. By facilitating the intersection between government initiatives and the technologies to bring them to fruition, AGNIi will continue to advance the national interest.

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