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‘Swachhta Saarthi Fellowship’ launched by the Waste to Wealth Mission spearheaded by the Office of The Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA), Government of India (GoI) is an initiative to empower and recognise the efforts of young innovators who are engaged in community work of waste management as Swachhta Saarthis. 344 fellows (high school students, college students, and community workers) from across 27 states and 6 Union Territories (UTs) are currently making an impact through their efforts in waste management towards building a sustainable future. Nirigi Linggi, a Swachhta Saarthi from Papumpare, Arunachal Pradesh, tries to make a difference in her community by reducing horticulture waste, focused on leaf litter in avenue plantations through the decentralised in-vessel unit for efficient and sustainable leaf litter composting.

The aim is to inspire more and more such young citizens and community workers to participate in this fellowship program to create value from waste around them through their innovations. The Fellowship also empowers other fellows to engage with more people outside their community. Please visit for more information,



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