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India's Startup20 Engagement Group, a global initiative launched under India’s G20 presidency for 2023, aims to support and encourage startups through collaboration between stakeholders such as corporates, investors, and innovation agencies. With over 96,000 recognized startups and 108 unicorns (as of 15th April 2023), India's startup ecosystem is among one of the world's largest. 

The Startup20 engagement group seeks to create an inclusive framework that promotes startups' financing models and co-creation for sectors of global importance. The Startup20 Sikkim Sabha, held in Gangtok brought together 41 international delegates from 16 countries, including G20 nations and two invitees, and 70 Indian delegates to discuss policy actions through a consultative approach. Special break-out sessions were organized across five micro-venues, using the "World Café" format, leading to concurrences on policy objectives, recommendations, policy actions, outcomes, and deliverables. The event facilitated multi-stakeholder dialogue, ensuring diversity in terms of nationality, gender, and expertise. The group's aim is to enable startups globally and work towards a strategic collaboration among G20 nations.

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