Deep Tech is an expansive avenue of technology and innovation which government and private stakeholders are just beginning to explore. The potential that long-term technological research and development can have, given proper support, would be nothing short of revolutionary. As a result, it is imperative that policy decisions regarding Deep Tech be carefully and deliberately considered in order to ensure our technological progress is being utilized for the right ends. 

As part of its work under the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor, the AGNIi Mission has been organizing a series of stakeholder consultations, the first of which took place in Hyderabad. The consultation was held at T-Hub, and was chaired by Dr. Arabinda Mitra, Hon. Distinguished Fellow, Office of PSA and moderated by Mr. Rahul Nayar, Head of the AGNIi Mission. The consultation witnessed participation from over 15 individuals including deep tech start-ups, incubators, and Venture Capitals. Several key inputs were noted with respect to access to finance, infrastructure, and reforms for unlocking government procurement and effective standards and certifications. 

The consultations were formulated around the following themes: 

  1. Access to finance for Deep Tech Start-ups 
  2. Access to infrastructure for Deep Tech Startups 
  3. Access to standardization and certification for Deep Tech Startups 
  4. Procuring Deep Tech from Indian Startups 

The feedback given by the startups that attended the consultation will form the basis of the policy advice the AGNIi Mission formulates along with the Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor. The AGNIi Mission remains committed to formulating policy advisories on Deep Tech based on empirical processes developed through our expertise in technology commercialization.

Stakeholder Consultation on Deep Tech in Hyderabad


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