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Waste to Wealth Mission, one of the nine scientific missions of the Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser to Government of India, in collaboration with South Delhi Municipal Corporation and M/s Cleantec Infra Pvt. Ltd. (CIPL) has launched a unique technology for efficiently cleaning urban drains. 

Traditionally Joseph Cyril Bamford excavator machines (JCBs) were used for removal of waste along the sides of drains. But it cannot access the drain in its entirety. Using patented technology created by Cleantec, the Drain Master (DM-80), designed and produced in India to revolutionize the way we deal with drain cleanings.    

The machine is capable of handling 50-100 m3/ day of waste for cleaning/ desilting of Barapullah drain near Sun-Dial Park. It is a multipurpose, self-propelled, transportable, and amphibious technology capable of overcoming the limits of cleaning urban drains (with widths larger than 7m) making it an important technology for use in urban areas in India. This desilting technology is deployed for pilot testing for drain cleaning. 

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