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National Disaster Response Force Showcase

Disaster preparedness has always been one of the strongest drivers of innovation. Natural disasters have often resulted in a massive loss to lives, livelihoods and property, and with ongoing issues like environmental degradation and climate change, it is more imperative than ever that our people and infrastructure remain secured against any further disasters that strike.

Emerging technologies have been developed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of first responders, further deepening the role played by technology in disaster aid relief and rescue. Technology presents the opportunity to expedite and magnify the impact of humanitarian relief efforts through greater efficiency and responsiveness, reaching more people cost-effectively.

The National Disaster Response Force is the central agency of India tasked with disaster responses throughout the country. It is recognized by the United Nations as the top disaster response force globally. The AGNIi Mission has had a longstanding partnership with the NDRF, helping them with their technology scouting needs and even assisting them in dealing with specific disasters in India.

On January 10, AGNIi organized a virtual technology showcase with the NDRF. It was attended by the rank and file of the force including field formations led by the new Director General.

15 technologies in the realm of situational awareness, communications, training and field capabilities were demonstrated. This curated portfolio will now be field trialled at multiple locations across the country, including Benaras and Cuttack where major field formations are based. This also syncs with the vision of the Prime Minister of SMART policing and reinforces the goal of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

In pursuance of this longstanding partnership, the AGNIi Mission plans on driving the creation of a national disaster capability grid, which would be the first of its kind in the country. AGNIi will continue to work with NDRF on this long-term objective, ensuring that India’s ability to mitigate and prepare for disasters remains world-class.

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