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•    Invest India- Board of Investments Sri Lanka

A focused and fruitful meeting, to discuss ways to strengthen inter country investments, trade and sharing of best practices from across the world. The focus sectors between the two countries were also highlighted namely eco-tourism, real estate, infrastructure development etc. which are essential to the growth and development of both nations. 

•    Invest India- Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA)

An introductory meeting between Invest India and BIDA Bangladesh. Both the agencies reiterated their commitment to collaborate and work together in the global arena and areas of excellence such as textiles sector and skilling its resources, chemicals sector etc., were discussed. 

•    Invest India-Invest Maldives

The meeting was a welcome gesture on behalf of Invest Maldives. It was attended by the Mohamed Iaad Hameed, Minister of State, along with his team. It was mutually agreed that the two nations would support each other and cooperate on matters of international engagements including the Dubai Expo 2021, among others. 

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