Key highlights of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Mann ki Baat radio address on March 29, 2020 where he spoke about India's fight against Covid-19: 

- India will defeat the coronavirus and the lockdown will go a long way to protecting people and fighting the virus. 

- There was no choice but to take tough decisions to fight coronavirus. No one wants to take such stringent decisions but it has become unavoidable seeing the situation around the world. 

- There is an urgent need to fight the disease before it spreads wider and takes its toll. Coronavirus has imprisoned the world and affected everyone, old and young, weak and strong, and the whole of mankind needs to come together to fight this crisis.

- The spread of the coronavirus is across every region and every nation. It doesn't even respect any weather conditions. 

- Prevention and precaution is most important at this time. 

- Doctors, nurses and paramedical staff are fighting like soldiers on the frontline against this disease, and away from the safe confines of their homes.

- No one is breaking the rules of the lockdown on purpose but some maybe doing so without understanding the seriousness of the situation. If the lockdown is violated, it would be difficult to prevent the spread of the disease. 

- Some incidents that are happening are unfortunate, social distancing should not mean emotional distancing. 

- The responsibility shown by those who have gone into quarantine without having any symptoms of the disease is to be applauded. 

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