India has a remarkable talent pool possessing talents in visual effects, gaming and more, and receives a huge chunk of investment from all around the globe, such as from big companies like Facebook who invest a lot in the Indian gaming industry. The Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming and Comic (AVGC) sector is largely characterized with young progressive individuals who quickly adapt to the changing trends in technologies.

In the Union Budget 2022, FM Nirmala Sitaraman acknowledged the potential in the AVGC industry to generate employment opportunities for the youth and for the purpose announced the creation of a new task force with the help of all stakeholders to look at various ways in which domestic capacity built and serve the global demand in sector.

The AVGC sector can present huge opportunities for the investors but also create jobs for lakhs of Indians. Newer trends on the market such as the talks around metaverse and digitization of education could help the AVGC sector grow in India and equip it for leading the change in the world. Moreover, with online training becoming popular during the pandemic, skill development for the AVGC sector can be done via online mode through various e-learning platforms.