Government of India has recently taken multiple initiatives to expedite the implementation of large-scale infrastructure projects. The Project Monitoring Group (PMG) at Invest India is at the forefront of driving this transformational change in infrastructure space.  As per the recent directive of the Cabinet Secretary, all projects above INR 500 crore will mandatorily be now monitored through the PMG portal. 
Furthermore, the PMG portal has been upgraded from an issue-based resolution mechanism to a Milestone-based monitoring system. The new system will ensure proactive monitoring of projects by capturing delays and issues at specific stages during execution of the project and will help in initiating course correction measures in time. This will ultimately contribute towards mitigation of time and cost overruns in large-scale infrastructure projects. In this regard, PMG team conducted several exhaustive consultations with Central Ministries and Departments, such as Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways, Ministry of Railways and Ministry of Power etc., to identify and standardize sector specific milestones in the projects. 
With the portal going live this month, this will herald a new chapter in project monitoring in India and will further improve ease of implementation of Infrastructure projects.

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