Experience India Centre (EIC), a unique experiential initiative introduced by the Government of India at the 27th World Investment Conference (WIC), was held from December 11-14, 2023, in New Delhi. EIC brought together India's diverse cultural heritage and traditional craft in one place, making it easily accessible for the participants of WIC. From a virtual tour of various significant tourist destinations to discovering the rich Indian traditional crafts through the One District One Product (ODOP) showcase, EIC provided a glimpse of modern and future-ready India at the global level. 

Here are some of the key highlights of Experience India Centre

  • eSamudaay Platform:
    The dynamic eSamudaay platform at EIC took centre stage, showcasing its transformative potential for local businesses and communities. This network of interconnected District Platforms, built on the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) protocol, empowers local entrepreneurs with cutting-edge Web3++ technologies. EIC attendees were captivated by the interactive displays, witnessing local brands like Tenacious Bee's Himalayan Honey, Marvella's exquisite hand-woven silk, Chhoti Si Asha's handcrafted products, DesmondJi's unique spirits, and Pune Handmade Papers' eco-friendly paper. eSamudaay's vision to empower local businesses and work as a catalyst for over 700 potential local unicorn businesses in India resonated deeply with the attendees, leaving a lasting impression of a brighter future for India's local economy.
  • Tribal Art Painting:
    Visitors embarked on a captivating journey into the vibrant world of tribal art at EIC. This interactive exhibit offered a unique opportunity to explore the rich cultural expressions of diverse tribal communities across India, including Mithila painting of Bihar, traditional Bhil painting, Warli painting of Madhya Pradesh, Pichwai art of Rajasthan and intricate Gond art of Chhattisgarh.
  • Unified Payment Interface (UPI):
    At EIC, distinguished guests from around the world had the opportunity to explore the transformative power of UPI, India's revolutionary digital payment system. This user-friendly platform captivated attendees with its seamless capabilities of instant money transfer with a simple scan of a QR code. This glimpse into India's digital revolution left a lasting impression on them, showcasing India’s commitment to technological advancement and financial inclusion.
  • Virtual Tourism:
    Breaking the barriers of physically exploring the country, visitors embarked on an unforgettable journey beyond reality with the Holographic Wall Experience. This cutting-edge technology brought India's most iconic landmarks to one place, allowing an immersive experience of India’s rich heritage, from the Taj Mahal's majestic architecture to the natural beauty of the snow-capped Himalayas. The interactive displays allowed them to explore diverse landscapes, delve into traditions, and witness the rich tapestry of Indian culture come alive in a captivating spectacle of light and sound. The Holographic Wall Experience left a lasting impression, showcasing the power of technology to transport us to new worlds and ignite a passion for exploring the wonders of India.
  • ODOP Showcase:
    The EIC showcased India’s finest products at the One District One Product display, allowing attendees to experience the quality craft and products from different parts of the country. This includes Bidriware metal crafts from Bidar, Karnataka; hand-knitted carpets from Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh; Rajasthani Thewa Jewellery; Indian Civet Coffee; Ayush Tea; Kashmiri Saffron, and Kannauj Attar, among others, wherein visitors were able to experience these products through taste, touch/feel and smell.
  • Wellness/Yoga Arena: 
    The wellness arena at EIC provided a personalised wellness experience to the attendees, encompassing Naadi Tarangini, which is a first-of-its-kind Nadi Parikshan device that combines the power of Nadi Pariksha (ancient ayurvedic technique of diagnosis through pulse) with cutting-edge technology, YogiFi which is AI-enabled Yoga mats, Express Yoga and Ayush products etc.

EIC at the World Investment Conference

The 27th WAIPA World Investment Conference held in New Delhi was the largest WIC ever, with participation from more than 1000 attendees, over 50 Investment Promotion Agencies and various multilateral agencies. The Experience India Centre (EIC) at WIC showcased the best of India’s offerings across services, technology, and products through various technologies, including virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive touch screens, and projection mapping. 

EIC provided delegates and participants from around the world an opportunity to engage and interact with some of India’s leading startups, learn about India's rich products, services and tourism offerings, and experience its vibrant culture through an immersive experience like touch/feel, taste, smell, vision, sound, and other means. The startups represented India’s emerging indigenous capabilities and its emerging global leadership. The rotoscope wall showcased India today and the Living Traditions exhibit traditions like Madhubani, Katha, Warli and Mata ni pachedi, among others.


Experience India Centre at WIC 2023 left a lasting impression on the visitors. Attendees explored India's vibrant culture, rich heritage, and diverse landscapes through cutting-edge technology and interactive exhibits. From the dynamic eSamudaay platform to the Holographic Wall Experience, EIC showcased the best of India's offerings across services, technology, and products. Thus, EIC not only fostered deeper global connections but also highlighted India's commitment to technological advancement and a brighter future for its local economy. 

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