The border villages of the country are characterised by difficult terrain, weak transport networks and suboptimal socioeconomic indicators. As highlighted by the finance minister during the Budget 2022-2023 Speech, these regions lack development benefits that other states enjoy, owing to the sparse population, limited connectivity and infrastructural challenges. Thus, to ensure the inclusion of these border areas in the mainstream gains, the 'New Vibrant Villages Programme' has been announced.

The primary activities under the project will be focused on enhancing the village infrastructure, establishing proper housing and developing tourist centres, in addition, to boosting road connectivity. Furthermore, to generate skills and further create livelihood opportunities in such villages, direct home access to Doordarshan and other educational television channels will be provided. Additionally, there are provisions to ensure decentralised renewable energy in these regions under the outlined plan.

For the holistic development of such villages, existing schemes would be merged with the proposed plan with allowances for additional funding. The desired outcomes of the plan will soon be defined and a regular monitoring system will be set up.

The ‘Vibrant Villages Programme’ aims to initiate the transformation of India’s border villages. This is imperative to secure the country’s sovereignty and further safeguard them from any possible friction with the neighbours. 

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