The government is looking at giving a boost to agriculture through AgriTech schemes that would assist in improving yield, efficiency, and profitability of agriculture. Budget 2022-23 has seen numerous AgriTech schemes being launched.

These are enumerated below:.

  1. For delivery of digital and hi-tech services to farmers with involvement of public sector research and extension institutions along with private agri-tech players and stakeholders of agri-value chain, a scheme in PPP mode will be launched.
  2. Drone technology would be effectively utilised by the use of ‘Kisan Drones’ for promoting crop assessment, digitization of land records, spraying of insecticides, and nutrients.
  3. The government recognises the necessity of keeping agriculture contemporary. Thus, it would encourage the states to revise the syllabi of agricultural universities so as to meet the needs of natural, zero-budget and organic farming, modern-day agriculture, value addition and management.
  4. The government has focused on farm produce value chain as an area for capital infusion. Thus a fund with blended capital, raised under the co-investment model, will be facilitated through NABARD. This would be utilised to finance startups for agriculture and rural enterprise, relevant for farm produce value chain. The activities for these startups will include, inter alia, support for Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs), machinery for farmers on rental basis at farm level, and technology including IT-based support.
  5. The government is committed to meeting its target of doubling farmer’s income. As a part of this the government is conscious of the fact that AgriTech is the panacea for the same. The government has thus, rightly announced excellent focused AgriTech schemes that would result in boosting agriculture and the doubling of farmer’s income.