The AGNIi Mission has had numerous engagements with stakeholders in the automotive industry, as there is a considerable demand for innovations within the sector. From greater sustainability, to increased user convenience, and enhanced safety measures, technological advances are constantly transforming the state of the automotive sector as we know it.

In late 2021, AGNIi partnered with Faurecia to host the Avenir Innovation Challenge. Faurecia is a global automotive supplier that is among the most sought-after in the world, particularly when it comes to their vehicle interiors and emission control technology. The primary focus of the Avenir challenge was to seek out robotics solutions that could help with building low-cost automotive seats more safely and efficiently.

Specifically, Faurecia sought out technological solutions with the following attributes:

  1. The concepts/solutions should revolve around ways that Low-Cost Robotics can aid in the manufacture of components, assembly of components, moving heavy items, and complex components.
  2. Easy to use, understand, and operate.
  3. Avoiding the need for high power computing or high-power consumption is critical.
  4. Low cost to maintain and robustness should be considered.
  5. Versatility, can the robot handle different parts/jobs/etc.

After an extensive shortlisting process, three startups and their innovations were selected as the winners of the challenge:

  1. Memandis (Sweat/breath analysis): Volatile chemicals detection in breath through sensors in marks.
  2. Pragyogik Solutions Pvt Ltd: A wearable vest with different modules having sensor for data collection.
  3. Resonating Minds Pvt Ltd (multi-modal tech): IoT based modules for predictive maintenance and avoidance.

The startups will receive INR 2,45,000 cash prizes each, gain global visibility to Faurecia’s network of partners and stakeholders, and will have opportunities for collaborative development with Faurecia. AGNIi remains committed to nurturing partnerships with stakeholders like Faurecia who can give India’s next generation of innovators the opportunities they deserve.

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