• The scheme aims at developing the marketability of services and products in the MSME sector. Promoting access initiatives and awareness about various marketing relevant topics. Creating awareness regarding e-marketing, GeM portal, GST and other related topics etc.
    • Involvement of Individual MSEs in domestic Exhibition/ Trade Fair
    • Developing capacity of MSMEs in Development of Marketing Haats/ Modern Packaging Technique.
    • Organizing events like Domestic Trade Fair& Exhibition/ Awareness programs/ National & International Workshops & Seminars/ Vendor Development Programs.
    • Existing Entrepreneurs
    • Participation of MSEs in domestic exhibitions and trade fairs across the country: Maximum Budgetary support upto INR 1.5 Lakh max. for A class & Metro cities. INR 1.0 Lakh max. for Class B cities / Hilly States/ J&K/ NER/ and for other cities INR 0.80 Lakh max.
    • Organizing participation in domestic trade fairs and exhibition by the Ministry/ Office of DC (MSME):
      Maximum Budgetary support for advt. & publicity and space rent for the event is as follows,
      (i) Regional: (State/District): Rs.30.00 Lakh max.
      (ii) National: INR 40.00 Lakh max.
      (iii) International: As decided by Empowered Committee subject to approval of Dept. Of Expenditure.
    • Developing capacity of MSMEs in modern packaging technique: Maximum Budgetary support of INR 1.5 lakh max. for green packaging consultancy for MSME unit and INR 1.0 lakh max. for ordinary packaging consultancy.
    • Development of Marketing Haats. Maximum Budgetary support of INR 50 lakh max for Development of new MSME Haats, upper limit of GIA will not surpass.
    • For Renovation/up-gradation of existing Marketing Haats, upper limit of GIA will not exceed INR 20 Lakh max.
    • Vendor Development Programmes: Maximum Budgetary Support of INR 1 Lakh max for State Level Vendor Development Programme (SLVDP), INR 10 lakh max for A class city National Level Vendor Development Programme (NLVDP) (One day) and INR 7.0 lakh max. for other cities. (2-3 days)
    • International/ Seminars/ National Workshops: Maximum Budgetary Support of INR 5.0 lakh or actual whichever is less for National Seminar/Workshop and INR 7.5 Lakh maximum or actual whichever is less for International Seminar/Workshop.
    • Awareness Programs: Maximum Budgetary support of INR 70,000 per program (One day).

By responding to the advertisements to be given by the State / Divisional Directors of KVIC locally through print & electronic media inviting applications along with project proposals from prospective beneficiaries / SHGs etc.