• KVIC, in association with NIFT by setting up the Centre of Excellence for Khadi(CoEK), aims to develop new Khadi products with quality standards for high end domestic and international market and hence strengthen the Brand Khadi and its global reach.
    • Quality Assurance checks aim at carrying out laboratory testing of samples for use of natural fiber to ensure the continued compliance to Khadi Mark criteria.
    • It further aims at quality enhancement of products and increasing the productivity and earning capacity of artisans, diversification and efficient use of local raw materials under Science & Technology Scheme.
    • The CoEK would assist on creating the benchmarked design process of global standards of for Khadi, disseminating quality standards for fabrics and clothing for domestic and international markets, and increasing the global reaching through exhibitions and fashion shows.
    • Research & Development programs would be implemented under Science & Technology Scheme for efficient utilization of resources and focusing on increasing the productivity of artisans and thus, boosting their income capacity.
    • KVIC would deploy adequate qualified and trained staff for onsite verification and drawing and testing of samples at production centres and issuance of Khadi Mark tags and labels by Textile Committee to certified institutions under Khadi Mark Scheme.
    • Any individual engaged in research in Khadi and Village Industries, any Premier Technical Institutes/ Universities/R&D organizations etc. is eligible to undertake S&T projects.