Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme (PMEGP)

The scheme covers the following activities:

  • Visit of MSME delegations to other countries in international exhibitions/ trade fairs, conferences/ summits/workshops etc. for exploring new areas of technology infusion/upgradation, joint ventures, improving market of MSMEs products, etc.
  • Participation of MSME delegations in international exhibitions, trade fairs and buyer-seller meets in foreign countries.
  • Holding international conferences/summits/workshops/seminars relating to MSME sector to be organized in India by the Industry Associations/ Government organizations.
  • Holding/organising mega international exhibition or fair and international conferences/seminars/workshops, Joint Committee Meetings/Joint Working Group Meetings/Government to Government bilateral meetings with outer countries in India by Ministry of MSME or organizations under it.
  • Sending a delegation of the Ministry of MSME to an International Exhibition/Fairs/Conference in foreign countries.
Nature of Assistance

IC Scheme provides financial assistance on reimbursement basis for airfare, space rent, freight charges, advertisement & publicity charges and entry/registration fee on reimbursement basis in case of participation in international exhibitions/trade fairs.

Who can apply?

Government Institutions and Registered Industry Associations associated with promotion and development of MSME sector.

How to apply?

Applications for financial assistance can be sent in the prescribed form to the Director (International Cooperation), Ministry of MSME, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi -110011.

Whom to contact? Director (IC), M/o MSME
Ph: 23063198, Fax: 23061756
Download guidelines here


Marketing Assistance Scheme

The marketing assistance scheme provides assistance for the following activities:

  • Organisation of exhibitions abroad and participation in international exhibitions/ trade fairs
  • Co-sponsoring of exhibitions organised by other organisations/industry associations/ agencies;
  • Organising buyer-seller meets, intensive campaigns and marketing promotion activities.
Nature of Assistance
  • The maximum net budgetary support for participating in an international exhibition/trade fair would normally be restricted to an overall ceiling of INR 30 lakh per event (INR 40 lakh for Latin American countries).
  • The budget for organizing the Domestic Exhibitions/Trade Fair would depend upon the various components of the expenditure, i.e. space rental including construction and fabricating charges, theme pavilion, advertisement, printing material, transportation etc. However, the budgetary support towards net expenditure for organizing such exhibition/trade fair would normally be restricted to a maximum amount of INR 45 lakh. The corresponding budgetary limit for participation in an exhibition/trade fair shall be INR 15 lakh.
  • Financial assistance will be provided ranging from 25% to 95% of the Air-Fare and space rent to entrepreneurs on the basis of size and type of the enterprise. Financial assistance for co-sponsoring an event would be limited to 40% of the net expenditure, subject to a maximum amount of INR 5 lakh.
Who can apply?

MSMEs, Industry Associations and other organisations related to MSME sector are eligible to apply.

How to apply?

Applications/proposals seeking assistance under the scheme should be submitted to the Branch Manager of the nearest office of the National Small Industries Corporation, with full details and justification in support of the application.

Guideline of Marketing Assistance Scheme can be accessed from here


Whom to contact?

GM (Business Dev.), NSIC
Ph: 011-26311109

Download guidelines here


Procurement and Marketing Support Scheme (P&MS)

The Procurement and Marketing support Scheme would cover the following activities:

  • To encourage Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) to develop domestic markets and promotion of new market access initiatives.
  • To facilitate market linkages for effective implementation of Public Procurement Policy for MSEs Order of 2012.
  • To educate MSMEs on various facets of business development.
  • To create an overall awareness about trade fairs, latest market technique and other such related topics etc.
Nature of assistance Not Available
Who can apply? Individual Manufacturing/Service MSEs
How to apply? Eligible MSEs may submit their application online or system in place
Whom to contact? Joint Development Commissioner,
Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi
Ph: 011- 23061091
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